We are in a modern world with cyber technologies discovering new planets, new space objects with our state of art high performance telescopes. We have fighter jets that are literally faster than speed of sound Our radars are capable to detect any suspicious movements in our air space and our high definition cameras are able to capture what not. Still there are things that are yet beyond the capabilities of our technology.

Human spirits, which are not captured in reality, and there are these extraterrestrial creatures. There are many videos circulating online and make news around the globe dragging attention of multitudes each time. Its all interesting, fascinating, yet unsolved mysteries of the universe - the extraterrestrial life.There were also rumors that these unknown flying objects were seen in Russia, China, India, apart from USA. In this article, I am going to share few lines about the aliens.

All about aliens

What are aliens? Do they really exists? If yes what is their habitat like? Are they intelligent than humans? Many of us are occupied with these thoughts and are curious to know about the existence of other lives in another dimension. Aliens are thought to be beings from other worlds in outer space. Researchers have long sought extraterrestrial life in other parts of the universe.

In 2015, a US Navy force encounter off the East Coast with the group.In 2016, astronomers spent arguing over whether the weird pulses of light coming from a distant star were actually evidence of an "alien mega structure." An army of silicon valley billionaires were racing to make first contact with super powered telescopes.

Alien dreams have always been powered by the desire for human interests to see whether they really exists? Unlike religion or nationalism or any conspiracy theory these incidents which never occurred in cities, where other witnesses could have verified them, were often reported falsely as horror encounters. Late Stephen Hawking was not just a physicist but also a sort of sage, guru for a generation of those curious about life beyond the earth. Yuri Milner with his lab at UC Berkeley were the names often heard in the research about life in space.


So far the renowned programs have identified 5 observations that showed mysterious objects displaying some level of advanced physics. The objects would accelerate with g-forces too strong for human body to withstand., Hyper sonic speed with no heat trail or sonic boom., Without any aerodynamic structures to provide thrust/lift against gravity., With unexplained aerial phenomena.

Fast radio bursts are one of the most mysterious phenomena ever observed by scientists in 2007. They also emit more energy than sun that were identified coming from outside the milky way. There is still a lot to know about these mysterious objects.

Fantasy or real

One can not come to a conclusion if the unknown flying objects do exists? If they do, then why they are only limited to US Navy, Army? Why not their presence is documented in other countries? Why there's a compromise in the quality of video clippings circulating these days, and why they are for few minutes should hint about their existence in reality. So do you believe in their existence? 


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