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A great news for all of us.   Traces of Water are found on the surface of the moon.   This is really a great surprising findings in the history of planetory science.    The samples of rocks that were brought by the astronauts who stepped on moon in 1969 did not have any traces of water.    But the new observations, from India's Chandrayaan-1 satellite, NASA's Cassini spacecraft and NASA's Deep Impact probe call into question 40 years of assumptions on the make-up of the lunar surface.   All the three space crafts found traces of water on the surface of moon.  More water traces are found on the lunar poles than on the other surface of moon.

Indian scientists are rejoicing with happiness as the Chandrayaan-1 has found traces of water on surface of moon.  This can lead to growth of vegetation on Moon in near future.  NASA's payload on board Chandrayaan has found traces of water on the surface of moon.   The payload of NASA onboard Chandrayaa-1 is called as Moom MInerology Mapper which has found the water.   This proves that there may be a life on moon also.   There is a possibility of life on the moon.

The scientific feat  is really a landmark event in international space cooperation between India and other countries.  Chandrayaan-1 Project Director M Annadurai said the discovery of water on the moon was one of the scientific achievements of the country's maiden lunar mission.  The Scientsts who were involved in the discovery said that harvesting one ton of the top layer of the moon's surface will yield as much as 32 ounces of water.

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