Children are extra curious

Children try to learn everything they see happening around them right from the time, they begin to understand about whatever attract or detract them. Every child irrespective of their gender a boy or a girl wants to know about the facts and secrets of life and they do not hesitate to know it from every available source, right or wrong. Since it makes a big affect on children’s future life therefore it is responsibility of parents to make them aware in a proper way so that their curiosity answered in a manner that they do not get further confused or try to gain it from sources which may not be appropriate. Remember that your answers will make a big difference on their character building because that is always like sitting on the fence. If you try to mislead them, there are chances that they will pick it from unauthentic sources that may lead them to unfair ways.

The right age to know

You shall have to find your answers before your child reaches to the age of five because they begin asking at this age. The frequently asked question that most parents wish to avoid is ‘Where I have come from’ now this is a very simple question but most parents look puzzled and answer in very indifferent ways. Their answers vary from ‘god sent you to us’ to ‘A fairy dropped you here’. Such questions-answers go on until the children try to find an answer that will solve the problem forever. You shall have to keep in your mind that you can avoid telling your children about a particular topic but once they asked about something, it your duty to tell him about it and tell him that would satisfy him otherwise he would try his own sources.

Tell them what they can understand

If your children asked questions and you found it too complicated to answer, still answer them and answer them to the point without trying to tell them in a language that they do not understand. Keep it simple but yet they should find reasoning in whatever you have to tell to them. Age of the child is a factor on how to explain but you should keep in mind that you have no options but to tell them else they would choose the wrong channels fro their source of knowledge. So why not tell them enough in the first place, I must remind that keep their age in your mind. Answer all their questions with patience, having a point to prove your explanation just in case they decided to cross-question you. You cannot keep your answers limited to fairies and demons after a certain age. 

Tell them only truth 

Yes, that is the right way to deal with children, tell them truth as much you can keeping their age in mind before they obtain the answers from sources that may mislead them to wrong knowledge. We all know that child can feel few physical differences taking place in his body, which may amuse them. The best way to tell your child about sex related questions is to behave like a child yourself. Do not try to mock them or provide wrong information because that will only mislead them. Since we do not have sex-education in our schools yet therefore children have no authentic source of knowledge so who better than you to tell them all about sex related subject.

Most boys and girls have different queries on this topic and their childhood games would tell you so. Most boys like to play a father where girls play roles of mothers. Now the natural question that comes to their minds is that how to become a mother or father of a child and you have to satisfy their eagerness. Avoiding such queries coming from children with answers like, ‘will tell you later’ or ‘you are too young to know answer for this’ will make them more eager and they will try to find an answer sooner. It is better to tell the girls about menstruation before they really go through it because if they are caught unaware the impact of this natural change is immense on their mental. They always take it as if they did something very bad, which resulted in this way. The best way to keep your children safe from future trouble is to tell them slowly with their growing age. 

What Girls need to know

A girl should know before reaching to puberty about her physical changes to save her from sudden shock or mental she may find herself. A mother can do this job very easily without making her feel guilty about this natural change that every girl has to go though but most of them do not know beforehand because parent dare not tell them in advance. You do not have to behave like a security guard over your girl but tell her when you find that she is showing a sign of growing that is when she enters into her teens. Take baby steps to let her know gradually so that she is not caught on a wrong foot when the occasion arrives. That will save her from internal and mental stresses and she will behave as a balanced and normal youth.

What Boys need to know

The boys do not go through any physical changes unlike girls but they too go through certain changes that make them curious about certain parts of their bodies. For boys the symptoms are different to tell you that your boy is growing up. Their voice changes, body shows signs of change and the most obvious of all signs, they begin growing hair everywhere. There is no particular age but you can see the changes easily. They want to know about different sex related topics right from a very tender age but if the parents tell them in a proper language without being too descriptive or not answering them properly. That will only make them more curious to go for other harmful sources. The best way is to tell them in scientific ways. It is better to let them now about reproduction in biological terms using easier words to satisfy their curiosity. The best way is to tell them about life and its fundamentals in a very healthy and interesting style.   

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