In now a days, I am observing major behaviour changes in toddlers, kids and school going children. Quite often, they are behaving like an adult or showing aggression on minor matters. In last couple of months, India has witnessed about two murders done by minors - school going children. One is Rayan International School - Gurugram murder case and another is Yamuna nagar school - Hariyana. Both children are coming from well-settled families.

Why behaviour of children are so changed ? Why their minds are diverted for aggression, committing crime ?

As per my opinion, the reason is lies with parenting. Todays, It's a common that ; both husband and wife are working. No one is able to spend time with their child. Rather than, giving warm touch to child, parents are giving lot of toys, video games etc. and free himself from active parenting.

Due to global warming and security reasons, child is forced to pass time alone with maid. Gradually, child is used to watch cartoons and video games 24*7. In current days, cartoons and video games are not remaining innocent as before. They are full of violence. Some useful observations are as below.

1. Majority of children are used to watch cartoons throughout the day. Even, they are eating meal while watching TV.

2. Child himself select role model from cartoon character. He is speaking irrelevant words or doing irrelevant behaviour just to imitate such cartoon hero.

3. By continuously watching cartoons, child's interaction with other children. His interest towards outdoor sports are shifted. Hence, Child's psychological and physical development also hampered.

4. Due to less physical activity, Children are obese at early age and having vision problem.

Video games are more harmful than cartoons. Hazards of video games are as below.

1. Child's brain is in developing stage. Video games are showing virtual world. Such games are giving false challenges. By playing with video games, child may forgot his loneliness and other personal needs. Sometimes, He used to skip meal to play with video games.

2. Video games addition creates virtual comfort zone. Some to the children prefer to remain in such virtual/false world or taking challenge so seriously.

3. For example, multi players online games are additives and endless. Such games are creating unique profile and share status/ accomplishments to other users. It creates virtual/false sense of achievement.

4. By excessive games, fatigue is created. Child's interest from study and physical activity are lost. 

5. Most of video games are showing excessive violence. By interacting with video games continuously ; children's behaviour patten get changed. Children are getting angry very easily.

Few tips for safeguards against excessive usage of video games/ cartoons are mentioned below.

1. Parents should spend adequate time with child. Child is free to talk with parents regarding any damn matter.

2. Parents should monitor time spend towards watching cartoons and playing with video games. 

3. To restrict such usage, Parents may use child lock or restrict permission in computer.

4. Parents should restrict direct download of any video games by their child.

5. Parents should create interest about outdoor sports and reading books to their child. They should divert child's mind towards other brainstorming activities too.

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