Everyone knows this fact that all marriages are decided in heaven but there are some couple who breaks this law and accept love marriage. Everywhere this is a good topic of group discussion. Which is best arranged or love marriage. Many people from India voted for arranged marriage. Whereas in other countries love marriage is preferred most. Love marriages contain some pros and cons. Lets we come to know about these pros and cons of this love marriage. This kind of marriage is very special. Both partners must have right to keep their own choice. If there is a love present in their relationship then this love marriage is good and continue for a longer duration of time.  In many cases this love marriage cannot go for a longer duration of time. 

Some of the pros related to love marriage

1. This is good for those people who want to find their partner of their own choice. They have right to choose their partner. 

2. They are mature enough to judge that what is good and bad for themselves. They know very well the bad and good effect related to Love marriages. 

3. Each partner is aware about the good qualities and bad qualities related to their life partner. They can easily adjust their behavior and nature according to their needs. If you know your partner properly then it is very easy for you to adjust all types of conflict between both partners. 

4. Love looks true and contain a lot of emotion and feeling in love marriage. They cannot made force to love love each other. It comes from their heart. 

5. In love marriage there is a strong bond of love existing in their life. They can easily share their hidden things with other partner without any fear.  

6. When there are some difficulties comes in their marriage life one partner can easily solve this problem with the help of another partner. 

7. Suppose that love marriage stands or alive because of physical attraction between both partner then that kinds of marriage cannot stand for a longer duration of time. 

8. Love marriage releases all kinds of hurdles between two partners. There is no importance of hurdles such as caste, religion, Kundli, money etc.. They enjoy their life freely. 

Apart from advantages there are some of cons related to love marriages

1. This type of marriages is based on attraction and when this attraction end then it might end the relationship between two partners. 

2. If you decided to do love marriages with your partner then there is no family support for your future life. You both become alone. By any means your parent is not going to accept your marriage. 

3. The chances of divorce are much greater in love marriage when compare it to arrange the marriage. 

4. After marriage they might be change in their behavior and nature. This fact can be known only after marriage. But it is too late for both partners to get out of this relationship. 

Let us come to know some of the advantages of arranging marriage over love marriage. 

1. Most of the arranged marriage is arranged on the basis of culture, religion and caste. So relation created from this arrange marriage is really strong that have a full support of their parents, Community and their society. They got respect from every corner of their relatives. 

2. Any arrange marriage is complete after a lot of sacrifice. This remains in their minds of both families as well as in the minds of both boys and girl too. They try their best to maintain that relationship as long as possible. In India Divorce rate is very low as compared to love marriage. It is only 8-10 % of divorce case found in India. 

3. Many girls looking for boy for their own choice. This is not possible as easily they think. They filled with depression and tension. But in arrange marriage both partners are not familiar with each other. At that time they tried to know each other and in that process there is a development of strong and healthy love between them.   

4. Parent’s  place is second after God. They always think right for their children. They know their children very nicely. They know their choice and in what way their child remains happy in their life. They search a very good partner for their children by applying his all ideas. Finally they search a good partner for their children and after arranging marriage their children enjoy a happy life with their life partner. 

Some of the Cons related to Arrange marriages are as follows: -- 

1. First disadvantages of arranging marriage is that both the parties are unaware and feel uncomfortable with other partner. In that case a marriage become a burden for both partners. 

2. It might be possible that their nature, behavior, thinking cannot match with another partner. At that time this condition became scary. There might be a quarrel between both partners. 

3. Many times a person is getting married with such kind of partner that they love other girl. In that case they never accept that marriage partner. This creates a lot of problems in both lives. As their life may destroy by third parties.  

4. In many parts of the country a less age girl got married to an old person or middle age person. This is because of money. This case is mostly possible in lower class family. The life of that girl is destroyed by this arrange marriage. 

5. In arranging marriage suppose that one partner cannot love another partner and got married in that case there is no proper communication between them. They cannot know the exact feeling of another partner. They live with each other but as an unknown partner. 

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