People say marriages are made in heaven. This is really true. Marriage is such a beautiful relationship where you express and feel all kind of emotions, one moment you are happy next moment sad; sometimes have hatred but you will shower love as well. We all have some marital issues going on after the marriage.

Someone has nicely said, 'A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person'.  To make a marriage successful and happy both the spouses must work together as a couple. Without any sacrifices or much adjustments we can make marital life happy and legendary.



Honesty is the pillar of every marriage, if this pillar is not firm married life will dangle. As we all are aware about the proverb, honesty is the best policy. This proverb can be applied here. When you get married to a person you take a oath to be with him/her for lifelong in both good and bad times. If you are honest, this tie will remain forever, no one can break this tie. 

Its very difficult to be honest with your partner, as we are always worried what will he /she will think about me, I will be bad all the time in front of my partner if tell the truth, and many such thoughts wander in our brain. But remember your partner will always appreciate if are honest with him/her. Of course your partner will be upset for sometime after telling the  truth but will surely forgive you. Another good point of being honest is your partner will also try to be honest with you and will share all the personal matters that he/she never shared with you before. 



Communication is a master piece of a healthy marital relationship. Ability to talk and listen is very crucial in this relationship. Due to hectic job schedule, couples find hard time to efficiently communicate with each other. Since both the spouses go for job they are either tensed about their job or they are busy in routine home schedule. The lack of communication can breed the resentment and fights. 

Try to communication about your personal issues other than regular household maintenance problems. This kind of personal communication sure helps to understand each other and resolve the misunderstanding if any. However remember to speak softly and communicate without fights. Couples who discuss their personal issues by communication harshly, either by yelling, or getting violent most likely leads to break ups and divorces. 

Confess each other and Express your feelings

Most of the time we just don't say 'sorry' because every partner thinks he/she is not wrong. Try to confess if you are wrong, it will keep your relationship smooth. Learn to take the responsibility of your act and for your mistakes,If you have committed mistake,learn to say sorry, and confess your mistake. Your partner will surely forgive you. Remember confession can bring an intimacy that will be more than expected. 

If you are angry, sad, tense or suspicious, express it to your spouse by speaking it out. Don't keep these feelings within yourself, they will keep on haunting you and create more misunderstandings. If you are suspicious on your spouse, speak it out, talk to your partner and clear your doubts. Just don't hide your feelings and then keep running around the bushes. 


Spend quality time with each other

More time you spend with each other the more you grow together. Every relationship needs to go through some happy moments. It is not easy to find quality time to enjoy your life with your partner especially with kids. Plan some weekend activities or night out either with your kids or just two of you. This kind of activities may not be possible every time, but try to make an effort to plan for it. By spending time together you will better understand the differences and negotiate the problems that cause these problems.


Respect each other

Show respect towards your partner if you want the same respect back. Many times, couples fail to respect each other, and over the time slip into negative habits. Treat your partner as you want to treat yourself. Nobody likes to bear the criticisms and put down attitude all the time, then how could you criticize your partner and accept the respect back? Learn to compliment each other as it is the easy way to show respect. If you would like to complain your partner, just do it in nicer way by explaining the problem and your feeling. Sit and talk together about the issues instead of criticizing.


Explore common interests

Most of the time, couples have different interests which doesn't allow them to grow together. If they have similar interests it becomes easy to thrive and enjoy the moment. Obviously, it is not possible for each partner to enjoy every activity, however it opens a door to get involved into something that both enjoy and interested in. Small things can be done at home during your free time, like cooking together, cleaning house, gardening, playing cards, or just going for a short walk. These activities will keep the couples together. 


Marital Intimacy

Marital intimacy is very important in relationship as it brings beautiful memories and happy moments in the life. However remember, marital intimacy does not only apply to physical relationship. but it applies to emotional involvement. Getting physically and emotionally involved during intimacy brings the growth in the couples life. Learn to provide both (or as per the requirement) physical and emotional intimacy.


Marriage is not only a commitment but it is lovely relationship that helps you to become more than what you are today. Marriage can make a life hell or it can make it heaven, it all depends on how you take it and deal with it. Some compromises, understandings, communication and honesty is required to make it the healthier relationship. Remember no one can teach you how to make your marriage perfect, but you can learn yourself from your owns mistakes and some guidance.

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