Each relationship starts with love; un-defined love. But some obstacles doesn't let love birds withstand. Marriage is two people being together, who share each thought, who faces each happiness and sadness altogether.


Don't forget a good marriage has key ingredients i.e Trust, Bond, Understanding, Romance, and Friendship in this heartily relationship. After years, months of married life, marriage becomes a question for many couple; they are questioning themselves; Whether to continue it or not? What's the reason behind this thought

Here are some tips which will help you to know - Your married life is worth to continue or not?

First of all Try finding out - Do you people still have love in between? You still love each other as before, or you don't even love each other anymore!

Recollect what made you both fall in love ? Find what is not there now, which was once a precious part to your love life; Try to find out and once you get it- sort it out, talk to your partner about it. Get back the absent love in your relationship.

Missing point?

Find out what is missing in your marriage, which was once a part of this bond. It will help you to sort complicated situations in your marriage. Don't forget as in all relationship Friendship is important part here to.Do you think there's No Bond of Friendship between you two souls anymore? Remember you might not be getting time together as before, No more surprises, No more dates, Movies together. But but... This doesn't defines friendship - Try to understand there are changes in life ; not only you but your partner might also be facing change along with you. You both have gone through a change cycle.

Don't Worry, "Make a Movement"

"Ask & Express"- Try to get back to those old days, Go to the old memorable places where you use to hangout before, Plan surprises, movie date, dinner date, vacation.

It will surely make you both closer again as before.


The most crucial part of marriage or any relationship.

Are you lacking in trust? Are you unable to trust your partner?You feel your partner is cheating you? QUESTIONS COME! It happens sometime we feel our partner is ignoring, he/she is not liking you anymore, sometimes you may doubt you partner is with someone else. He/she is lying you regarding things. Please don't make these doubt's so clear in your mind without knowing fact. Trust issue creates doubts in mind of each, but first make it clear, discuss about your doubts to your partner, speak out without worrying about what will happen next and then make the decision.

"Romance" yes a desert to your marriage life.

If you feel it is missing or isn't same anymore. Just make sure your partner is not getting distracted from you. Do remember "Don't let your partner fall for any other person apart from you"

Find out reason behind the change to your romantic life- is that your busy schedule, is that your behaviour, is that your missing communication , Or now your partner doesn't find you attracted anymore. Without wasting time try figuring out ; plan something good get yourself well groomed, spend sometime together, Play some games, Do workout together, this may help you to get back the romance in your marriage.

Even after working your best in your marriage life, if you feel you can't be the part of relationship which isn't going to lead you both happy forever , Talk to your partner, discuss about it, take each others opinion, and make your personal choice, because there's no point living in a false relationship.

Remember it's a life; If there's a good start, there's a good end too for a good purpose, People come in your life, they become the most important part of it, but sometimes it's only memories which are left behind. Don't be scared to end - Believe it you started it for a good reason , if isn't working you may have to end up for a good reason.

Please see never live it with a false belief that you may sort things later in your relationship, just because you are scared of ending up.Don't be worried due to this society, Remember it's about you, your life, your personal decision, Think about you, your life ; what you can do further to make your future brighter and happier. And also if you being a couple can be understandable to each other;  there's no point of letting people walk in between you, your relationship and it's decision- Whether it is regarding to start or to end up is totally up to you.

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