Two life partners cannot make separation from each other because of one conflict between them. This separation is a result of hundreds of conflicts between them. Divorce made a couple to forget all pleasant moments of their life. They separate their house, Kids, money from each other and get separated. Both decide to live their life on their own. Children are most affected because of  divorce between their parents. They are forced to live only with one parent.  

Difficulties after divorce

To fight properly with the evil like divorce,  we have to know difficulties that have to be faced after divorce.  

Some difficulties are as follows:

  1. You have less amount of money to spend on your day to day activities. Now money is earned by only one partner. Your economic condition may worsen. 
  2. It is very possible that you may fall in bad activities and become habituated to Drugs or alcohol. 
  3. You many fall in mental problem like Depression. Tension etc. 
  4. If you are a working partner then it is not possible to give sufficient time to your children. It may affect the development of your children. 

Life of your children after divorce

The life of your children is totally changed. If you think of divorce, you must consider your children first. They like their parents back but this is not possible. Your children might get trouble in sleeping. They always think about their parent. It makes your child weak internally.  

Difficulties faced by your children after divorce

  1. Your children might suffer from some mental problem such as Depression. Their concentration in  learning becomes weaker and weaker.  
  2. Your children might get isolation from their society. It affects their success records in the school. Their friends tries to make a separation from your children.  
  3. All this change in their life changes the behavior of your child. They might not respect their elders. They fight with other boys. 
  4. The important change in your children' life is that they may consume alcohol and drugs. This is not good for your children.  
  5. It might be possible that it changes your child and makes him anti society. They may get involved in other violent activities and move to a wrong path. They may not accept any kind of relationships with others. 

To reduce their anger one must take this step

The separated parents must meet their children once a week. This gives some happiness in their life. Regular meeting with their children might improve their thinking. They may be enabled to strugge in this cruel world. 

Some of the main actions to enable your child adjust to parents' divorce

  1. Give proper knowledge about divorce. It must be done before your divorce. After divorce these sentences cannot have any meaning.   
  2. If your child asks something about divorce then properly respond to your child. Never make any hesitation in front of your children.  
  3. Try to read books related to divorce with your children. Just indicate your child that this is very bad custom and we have to avoid this. 
  4. Does not any nonsense activities like quarreling with your partner in presence of your children. 
  5. Try to keep talking with your partner on how you can develop children to a successful path. This shows your parenting love in front of your children. This must be done in front of your children. Never use bad words for your partner before your children. 
  6. Just fulfill all your children demand as a couple. Respect their feeling and emotion. Just make your child aware of the importance of both parents. How they become good for their children.  You only teach your children when you are right and follow all those tips in your life too. For your child try to prevent all quarrel and separation between each other.  

Myth related to divorce 

1. For your children's  better life you have to manage your all quarrel and disappoinment According to research it is found that a child may get hurt because his parents are not happy and quarrel with each other. It may develop negative impact on your children. The condition becomes worse after divorce.  Don't make your home a battlefield. It may lead your separation and life after separation becomes worse for both of you as well as your children. Try to interact with your children as much possible as you can. You must know the way in what way you can handle your conflict with your partner in the presence of your children. 

2. Every unhappy relationship between a father and mother ends with a divorce. But we can stop that divorce. In a marriage relationship every couple has some conflicts. Try to solve your conflicts as early as possible.   If your marriage life faces some conflicts at certain point of time then this cannot mean that this conflict cannot be resolved. Divorce is not only a solution of every conflict. 

3. Many people make some mistakes and get separation from their first marriage partner. After that they learn lots of facts about this and cannot repeat this mistake when they got married with another partner. This is not our custom.  While the number of divorce cases is more as compared to first marriage when a person get divorced because they want another marriage. 

4. Another marriage is only possible when another partner related to blended families. A child related to divorce family cannot make of mistake of taking divorce with their partner when they got married. This is because they learn a lot from their parent mistake and cannot make such mistake in their life. The divorce rate of children belonging to divorce family being more than the children belong to intact families.  In spite of that children belonging from a divorce family does not like to get divorce with other partner because they knew the impact of divorce on their child's life. 

5. Our society cannot allow a woman to get another marriage. This is against our society. Where in another country a researcher said that about 50 % of divorced women get married with the interval of 4 years whereas 75 % of divorced women get married within the interval of 8 years.


It is a such kind of evil that make you and your children handicap. It might totally stop your development. It may spoil your children life. Give some healthy tips how to avoid this divorce from your life and at last the myth related to divorce.   

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