In earlier we used to listen about the divorce very rarely in people. At that time the reasons for divorce are used to be reasonable. The reasons like husband having lot of health problems or husbands are a drunker and he used to harass his wife by beating and many more reasons. Now a day’s taking divorce has been increased. People are taking divorce for the sake of their ego, financial status and mostly for illegal contacts. People are even going to court to take divorce for silly reasons.

Its looks very silly to listen but people are breaking relations for silly reasons and they getting ready to live alone. But they are not interested to get adjust to live for each other. The main reason for this situation is, both wife and husband are very well educated and working. So they are habituated to city culture. But due to these reasons wife and husband are losing a lot of happiness. You may have come across such cases around you. 

If wife and husband are working, and it takes more than an hour for you to reach your home. That means your most of the time is going in travelling. Therefore, the married life of wife and husband will be in risk. This problem will be more in the newly married couple. 

You may be thinking, what the relation between married life and travelling is. Let us discuss about it. 

After 2 years of your married life, and there is more distance between wife and husband. Then you need to be careful. Because this late may cause gap between wife and husband. In few surveys it is proven that travelling long distances are the flat forms for quarrels between wife and husband. 

Wife feels that husband is not caring her. Due to this, quarrels occur between them. Husbands tries to make the wife to resign such long distance jobs as the office is far, they order her to join the job where office is near to their house though the salary is less. Because husband want their wife to be in house when they return home.

Due to this, she will get less salary and more over whole house responsibilities will become burden to her. Therefore, depression starts in her. From then the silly quarrels which arise between them may become big quarrels and finally leads to divorce.

According to situations it is good to join the job where the office is near to the house.

Why the gap between wife and husband increases

Actually up to 2 years of married life, wife and husband will be happy. Later few clashes take place with their opinions. Due to this, the understanding capacity between them gets reduce. In any issue if a husband loses the trust of his wife then the distance between husband and wife occurs and increases. So husband need to know why she stopped trusting. 

Husband should show his love to his wife and spend time with her so that he can gain her trust again. So that she think about you in right manner. You should make her not to doubt about you.

Happiness and sadness are common in once life

We search for a good friend to share happiness and sadness. Then we share happiness and sadness with that good friend. Friends give relief to us even when we are in hard time. They understand our problems and support us. So husband should be like a friend who share your problems, understands you and support you then your life will be filled with happiness.

When a good wife is with a good husband then there will be no problem for their life though they have ups and down in their life. They will happily face those problems very easily. Because if husband becomes a good friend then he and wife will try to get solution for family problems or career problems. Wife and husband should respect each others opinion and decisions. 

Husband should try to know the needs of wife 

Most of the husbands live as a husband with their wives but they never share their emotions with their wife. Some husbands don’t even bother about their wives health and anything related to her. When wife becomes pregnant then husband will live in his own world. He just tells her to be careful and he feels his responsibility is completed with it. Wife expects husband to full fill her desires but husband neglects her. Therefore, husband gives the importance to the wife up to the married life but remaining he never share with her but women never accept this and they demand him to share with her.

With love, wife who is honest in full filling the husband needs will give a lot of importance to his opinions and decisions. She fulfills all her responsibilities towards her husband. In the same manner she expects same kind of love from husband. Therefore, love between them makes them to be happy. If wife and husband want their relation to be happy then both husband and wife should know each other’s needs and desires. Both should try to trust each other. 

Therefore, the distances which takes place between wife and husband can be reduced and by following the above things and lead a happy life.

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