The capital with dubious distinction

Kerala better known as ‘God’s own country’ is lately earning a bad reputation for itself as the cases of divorce are increasing too rapidly. There were almost no cases or very few divorces in Kerala until 1995 but lately the state is virtually a national capital of divorce, which is a great matter of concern for legal and social experts of this area. They are unable to understand reasons of breaking of families in this beautiful state.

Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala leads the number of cases of divorce thus branded as capital of divorce although, rest of the cities of Kerala are not far behind in this matter. Almost all family courts in the state are reeling under the pressure of big number of divorce petitions giving Kerala the dubious distinction of leading state of divorce cases that otherwise is better famous for its literacy rate of almost 100%. 

The controversial Act-2005  

Some of the leading legal experts of the state feel that ‘Domestic Violence Act-2005’ is responsible for such a big number of divorce cases in state, which came in to existence in 2006 and brought with it an unbelievable upsurge of cases demand of divorce. Women are asking for divorce for smallest of reasons which otherwise can be solved with interference of family members very easily. 

The domestic act is being misused up to the extent that slightest of provocation brings another case to the family court with no consideration to consequences. Even the courts are confused with the reasons and do not decide such cases until sure about the real reason behind a particular petition. Incidentally, courts used to grant divorce easily on matters like these up to 2010 but courts are also extra careful since 2010 onwards. The courts are not taking decision anymore unless entirely satisfied. 

It is tolerance level

The level of tolerance level has gone down considerably that is one of the reasons for filing a case under domestic violence act, which makes it easy to obtain a divorce. However, it is making councilors give the act and its after effects an extra look so that matter does not get out of reasonable limits, the trend may prove costly for the people of Kerala ultimately. After all the number of cases in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam, more than 10,00 in 2012 only filed are alarmingly high beside the cases filed in other districts. It’s a dangerous situation indeed for a small state like Kerala. 

Dangerous statistics 

There is big number of divorce cases in different family courts-

  1. Southern Kerala is experiencing most number of divorce cases in the state with almost 40,000 cases filed in 18 family courts up to 2011 after the Domestic violence act was introduced.
  2. The number of courts in southern Kerala itself has gone to 26 from 18 now.
  3. Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam with more than 10,000 accounts for almost one third of total cases in Kerala during 2012 is alarmingly high compared to any where else in rest of the country.

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