Uses of online dating sites

Do you think that you are addicted of internet dating. It is better to express your feeling by writing instead of speaking. Most of the people choose their partner because of their attractive faces. This is well explained their profile picture. But in reality the truth is something else. If you like other partner because of this reason then you commit a crime in term of humanism. We are not here to judge the reason of your meeting with your partner over online dating site. Online dating is poor for those who are in search of true love but this fact is not true all the time. It totally depends on your choice. Always make a choice by seeing some qualities and judge them whether they are a perfect match for you or not. If you depend only on the internet for getting girls then your chances will be reduced and you are not able to find a girl as your choice. The profile should be made in a way that all want to develop a bond of relationship with you. Before you click on the online dating website you must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of online dating. Otherwise you may have to suffer a lot. To take a proper decision you must follow following pros and cons during your online dating.  

Here are some of the advantages or pros of internet dating

1. If you want to search your perfect love then you have to spend less time on online dating sites. 

The girl who is more suitable for you can be searched immediately through online dating sites. If you search for your match according to the predefined rules of that online dating site then you can easily get your partner.  

2. In less time you can talk with many women.  

If you want to make girl friend and you are busy in your life then online dating websites are the perfect choice for you. If you want perfect love then you can surf the dating site in the morning. If you go through the online dating site during the afternoon then you might not get your right choice because at that time all the office workers spend their time by flirting on these online dating sites. You have to keep some important thing in your mind. Try to spend less amount of time on these dating sites otherwise other might think that you are not a working person.  

3. The most important and the interesting fact about these internet dating sites is that no one aware if you fails in getting your love.  

No one is going to know about your failure. If you are not able to make any partner on this online dating site. At that moment no one is going to know your secret whether you fail or pass on this online dating. Suppose if anyone knows your activities then that person is also available on that website and you aware about that person. Because you know his secret and he knows your secret. No problem arises because of this secret. It means no one Make comment on others because of their failure. There is no chance of getting flop In this kind of website. And you always feel prestigious.  

4. You may choose a girl by seeing their attractive face and their profile description.  

If someone gets crushed on you on this online dating site  then there might be a problem related  to her face. The face of that girl must be ugly. You must reject this type of cases without any tension. You can easily ignore them. No one is there to ask any question related to this rejection. This can be easily understood by that girl also. The exact reason of rejection. 

5. You can share anything with your partner what you want to share. 

In reality if you go on a date then you have to concentrate totally toward your girlfriend. You are not allowed to move here and there. But this is not happening in case of online dating. What you want to say just say to your partner without any hesitation. If you have any work during your date then you can easily make any excuse and go to your work. But this is not possible when you are in any hotel or restaurant with your partner.

 6. The most important thing related to online dating is that she is alone.  

In most cases when a boy decided to approach a girl. At that moment her brother might reach there and there might be a chance of fighting between them. But all these panic cases is not possible on internet dating sites.  

7. On the internet dating site you are allowed to present yourself to be brave. It does not matter what you are in  your's real life.  

Suppose you feel bad in front of your real world partner or you have not enough guts to say anything to whom. The situation is just opposite on this online dating site. It provides you the platform to speak everything without any fear. You can easily express your feeling on this online dating site. This is not possible in the real world.  

8. These online dating sites give you more amount of success in a short span of time.  

If the girl you talk most on these dating sites tell you to meet at some place then it is a sign of true love. If you are in search of true love then your chance may be increased even a girl agrees to meet you when you asked to meet at some place. It is very common when you talk to someone continuously for many days they start doing trust on you and want to spend some lonely time with you without any hesitation. Because they are already familiar with you by talking with you and by seeing your profile. By this way you can get your right choice without any tension.  

9. Through these online dating sites you can find your partner across the world.  

If you are deciding to shift in another country then you can choose your partner according to that place. When you reach the new country there is someone who is available to help you in your settlement. The only way to meet the girls who belongs to another country through these dating site otherwise you have to pay money and go to other countries. If you are rich enough then this does not matter but you are not so rich then these dating sites are the best choice.  

10. With the help of these online dating sites you can choose your partner of any religion and from any part of the country.  

All are doing the same thing and you must give emphasis of doing something new. That helps you to get your partner easily and quickly. These internet dating sites help you choose girls from other caste and for this no one is going to blame you. If you are not enough smart it doesn't mean you are not capable to get married with a beautiful girl.  If you want to make your partner through these online dating sites then these points really help you a lot. 

Here are the disadvantages or cons of online dating sites

1. Being cheated on the internet is very common.  

If you want to make your internet partner as your life partner then you have to be taking some precautions while choosing your partner. Almost every girl receives 1000 of chat requests daily and it is difficult for them to judge which is right or which is wrong. Generally girls/boys uses this site as time pass and use that place for their enjoyment. If you like someone with your heart then make your heart strong to face the reality of life.  

2. Sometime you spend lots of money and energy while finding your perfect choice.  

It is not a wise decision to think only about that girl you never meet before. They only use you as a toy and spent your precious time. They never take you serious in her life. For very this reason it is really a matter of thinking which one is good and which one is wastage of time. 

3. What you look in picture is not true all the time.  

Every beautiful thing is not beautiful all the time .So it depends on your choice. Just make your decision after meeting that online partner in real life. As we know that girls never upload their original picture and if they upload their picture they use lots of make-up. So it is difficult to judge her. These are the concept that makes this point the greatest demerit of online dating sites.  

4. In spite of having a strong online relationship but in reality she is avoiding you. 

If you want to make your internet partner as your life partner then you can do this after your first date. 

5. Most of the time guys uselessly attach to someone on internet dating sites. 

Online dating site is blessing for those people who fed up from their life and want some enjoyment from their life. This is not a sign of serious lovers. May Be Someone is beautiful on these internet sites but in reality she may differ from their profile picture. May be she suffer from some kind of mental problems. The profile of these girls always full of beautiful pictures. Such girls might be a lover or fan of any Bollywood singers. Every girl want that all guys like her profile.  

6. Most of the girls on these sites are only because they want to gain the attraction of men not for true love.  

As the main cons of online dating sites is that boy making the fake profile of girls and start chatting with other girls/boy. Most of the time you send several messages and in return no message is coming. This type  of girls only neglects you.  

7. Sometime you got more chat request from a fake profile in comparison to the original profile.  

As I said earlier that fake account is created on large basis and from these fake profile friend requests send to other original profile. So if you are in search for true love on internet dating sites then you have to be aware of these fake profiles.  

8. It is really a difficult task to make yourself unique.  

Today almost everyone in these online is dating sites so that they can easily pass their leisure time. So you need to pay attention while choosing your perfect match otherwise you may be in big trouble.  

9. Now a day most of the profile is created by housewives or women who get married and have kids.  

Today in this modern era online dating becomes more popular and everyone tries to get time pass partner through these online dating sites.  

10. Most of the time you may be cheated by fake profile created by someone else and run by someone else.  

Today most of the girls profile picture is very beautiful but in reality they may belong from Kenya and you may be cheated badly. 


Online dating sites plays an important role in modern society. It helps guys to find their perfect choice around the world. But you have to be attentive while choosing your partner because everything has some positive and negative impact. It is blessing for those people who involve themselves in work and have no more time for enjoyment. If you want a faith from  the other side then you have to show some faith from your side too.  

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  1. Xavier Bage

I would prefer real life connections than these virtual and fake friends. You can never be sure of the sincerity of your online friend.

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