Friendship is beyond all other relations

Friendship is not what most people think it is it takes a long time to make a real friend. A real friend is someone who is there for you in all your
happiness and grief. A friend is related directly to your heart who knows every detail even if you have not told him about it personally. However, the responsibilities attached with this relation are beyond words, you shall have to be as active to keep it intact. You must take special care to select your friends because once you do there is no way out. If you are out of touch with your friends because you were out of town for any reason that does not mean that you should forget your friends forever, just keep in touch with them to renew your relations and see the difference. You can always try to call them on mobile or through email to wish them on special occasions. 

How to make friends

You should look for some one who is caring and helping, knows your desire to move ahead in life and, who is always ready to support you in doing so. He would never want you to look down in any situation and would support you in any case.

Be a good listener

There are times when you cannot support your friend in his hour of need, reasons may vary but if you listen to your friend carefully and support him in his time of need half of his problem would be solved. Try to understand the reason of his problem by asking him questions the eye contact should never be out because that shows your interest. This may not solve his problem instantly but this is psychological fact that half the problem is gone if some one talks it out.


Always think before you talk

This is advisable to consider before you start talking and more so while you are in foul mood. Talking to your friend is must but bad words may harm his cause therefore never utter harsh words to avoid making him feel bad.

Never interfere

I suggest you to not to offer your advice unless asked for because your friend might be thinking in different terms of the solution but in case he asks for your version hen you must input your best suggestion forward but you should avoid interference at any cost as that may trigger some wrong notions. Let your friend take his own decision.

Accept your friend unconditional

Ever one has his own ways of thinking and personality and every one wants to act his own ways therefore this is wise to accept your friends as they are. It is not possible for them to change according to your wishes but that would only worsen the matters. 

Respect his choice

You may have differences in certain matters because not every one thinks alike however, you if your friend finds some thing to his choice and you do not, let him have his own way because he may accept your decision for once but that would be hard on him and against his own choice. Let him learn from his own faults. You should only take your own foot forward if you find that his own decision would ruin his life. 

Never forget to praise your friend

You must praise your friend if you think that he deserves it. Some times, you exaggerate it but that is not right because that can make him overconfident, which is again harmful for his interests but never forget to let him know about your feelings. You can try a few small gifts to remind them about your presence.

Keep your words

It is one of the most important conditions in friendship, which says that you should never back out from your words because your friend counts on you and your promises. Once you forget to keep your words, you shall be out of reliable friends. In case you are unable to keep any promises and you know about it before hand you should tell him about it before making him feel disappointed. Always explain you problem if you are unable to keep your promise.

Responsibilities of friendship

It’s not one-sided affair to keep friendship going successfully and you are equal partner in that business. You must spare enough time for your friend to know about his problems and happiness. You can fix a minimum period to frequent your friends to keep in touch, to know their well-being. Never forget our promises in any case because no relation works one way. Either do not make promises or if you did never forget to keep them.

Accept your mistakes

Another mandatory condition in friendship is to accept you fault without hesitation or arguments. After all, it is not as hard to say sorry if you have done any thing wrong but it makes big difference to keep your friendship intact. This only confirms that you know and accept your mistake and acknowledge it. Never think that you should not step forward to give new lease of life to your friendship also it’s not appropriate to except that your friends should take the initiative to keep your friendship going.

Express your feelings

You must express your feelings to make sure that your friend understands you well. You can do it by 100 different ways to show your feelings like bring a gift while coming back from a tour or you can send him a greeting card showing your feelings and reminding him that you care for him. You can always throw a surprise party for him to make him feel important. This is not mandatory to be attached too much with every one you know but know your friends and try to select them on merit. Give special importance to ones with whom you spent more time and who care for you.

Keep a sympathetic attitude

This would certainly help your cause, if you shall always be sympathetic to your friends because they may not need your money but your sympathies are important for them. A sympathetic conversation with your friends would place you right on top of their good books.

Forget and forgive 

It is advisable to forget small mistakes of your friends and keep moving ahead, there is no use keeping these small things in mind to make life easier and friendship going strong. Such small things do not help any body’s cause but create problems. Even if you have to restart, the relation there is no harm. Never let the ego spoil your friendship because there is nothing worse than ego where friendship is concerned. 

Be honest

The honesty in relations is another important factor, you should make sure that you assure your best step forward to bring best results in a relation and there is no relation better than friendship. You can always walk ahead and ask your friend about his expectations from you. Try to come true to his expectations to win him over totally. You can also tell him about your own version of friendship to make every thing clear to stay out of any misunderstanding.

Share your experiences

There is nothing better than sharing your experiences with your friends like if you have come across a new earning opportunity, tell him about it to let him also take the opportunity or if there is a new restaurant where you can enjoy your dinner at comparatively lesser expenses tell him about it.


All these experiences are small matters but help your friendship immensely in long run. You only have to keep adding your bit every thin will fall in line. I am one of them who value my friendship up to the core. In addition, I know that if I am in trouble and ask for help at three in the morning my friends would flock my small home and I shall have so many friends come to help me that even the chars in my home would not be able to adjust them.   

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