Let friendship develop naturally. 

Never force another person to become your friend. A real friendship must develop in a natural way. If someone forces you to become his friend, friendship is not possible. 

Do not use titles such as best 

Try to remove big titles like best from your friendship. This big title develops a lot of excepectations from your friend. You look something big for your friend. It creates a law of demand from both ways. If one fails then there is the end of that friendship.  

Do not Expect too much   

Restrict Your friendship under the line of execution. Never think that your friend might change his/her behavior according to you. Never demand such thing that cannot be fulfilled by your friend. Keep your limitation under control. If your demand is not fulfilled, there is a conflict between both friends.  

Must communicate with your friend.   

Suppose that any person says a bad word against your friendship. You must inform your friend too.You need to talk with your friend regarding this matter. If you face some problem regarding your friendship then talk with your friend. It is necessary because your friend cannot know the problem by himself. Never involve other friends into your friendship. It will make your friendship stronger.  

Give respect to  your friend and get respect.  

It is your right that you get respect from the other end. This is only possible if you respect your friend. It is the duty of your friend to respond you respectfully. If it is not possible then this friendship cannot go further.  

Try to escape from your friend that is not good for you.  

Suppose that your friend takes only advantages from your side, Talks bad words for you before others, there is no need of such friendship. Get freed from this friendship. This will be good for you.  

Never support your friend's bad behavior.  

Suppose that your friend is wrong. Never support your friend. It will create a bad impression on others. Do not make any kind of wrong plea on your friend's behalf. If your friend commits a mistake, never say he is right and others wrong.   

Keep some distance from your friend.  

Maintain some distance from your friend because he needs some time for his personal work. A friend grows separately. Do not engage your friend all the time. This is bad for you and your friend too. Everyone needs some time to develop his identity. If your friend does not want,  never interfere in his personal matters.  

Presence of bond of relationship in your friendship.  

A friendship become stronger and stronger if there is good communication, feeling of honesty, patience, effort and love from both sides. This type of friendship is rare and lasts longer. The friendship does not break against a hurdle, difficulties etc. This is known as real friendship.  

An Unhealthy relationship cannot move further.  

If you find your friendship unhealthy, you need not continue this friendship any longer. The meaning of this sentence is that if your friend forces you to take wine, Drugs, Cigeratte, alcohol and other negative activities, this will cause a lot of damage in your life too. Your friend is unhealthy and this friendship is known as unhealthy friendship.  

Friendship needs love and support from both sides. 

The proper development of friendship stand on two pillars- Love and Support from both sides. Suppose that support and love is only from one side. You care for your friend, Look betterment for your friend, listen all their words, spending your time with your friend because he needs you and in return you got nothing. Then this friendship cannot stand long.  

 Make a friend just like yourself. 

Every person wants a friend that is same like you. Their nature, hobby and other activities match with your activities. If you are a boy from a low class family and your friend is from rich family, there is a collision. Your friend must know how to control his emotions. You make friends because you want to spend time with them. If both's  behavior mismatches, friendship cannot go for a longer duration of time. There is a feeling of discomfort between you and your friend. Both's  nature differs. and think differently. In such a case either you or your friend has to change. In many cases it is not possible. Never change yourself for others. 

Respect yourself and give value to yourself. 

First of all you have to accept the fact that you cannot solve all problems faced by your friend. In that case, there is  no need to sacrifice your happiness so as to solve all problems of your friend. Some basic problem you might solve but not all. It is not possible to solve all kinds of problem by a simple person like you. Keeping  yourself happy is necessary because a happy friendship needs a happy environment. A real friendship  is that in which happiness is equally distributed on both sides. One friend enjoying and  another suffering is not good for a real friendship.  

Be brave and accept your mistakes 

To make your friendship strong and healthy, accept all your mistakes before your friends. This will strengthen bond of friendship. Suppose that your friend gets  hurt  by your activities. Confess your bad activities to your friend. A mature friendship stand only when you are brave and able to take all responsibilities on your shoulder. 

Make friends that have a positive thinking. 

Friends should be positive in nature. It encourages you all the time. They should  take care of what you want and what you do not want from your friend. The friend must possess all qualities that you think your friend should have. If your friends are good, it will have a positive affect on you as well. Try to learn all good things that your friend has.   

Money is not a pillar of your friendship. 

Never allow importance to money in your friendship. Money really destroys your friendship. In friendship exchange of money is not proper. Suppose that exchange of money takes place due to some serious reason, return that money within the time decided by your friend. Never cross that line of control.  

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