Do you ever notice that all your interesting and enjoyable moments take place in your life is due to your friendship. May be their participation is not direct but friendship play important role in your life. Considered some examples like whether you succeed in your examination, celebrate some of your important day of your life etc. In total I want to say that friends play a vital role in our lives and we should search our friends that may be special in our life. Here are some of the benefits of true friends. So Choose good friend because they are going to influence your life in a great manner. 

1. We should try to live together.

In any work if your friend is with you then you got a moral support and you can achieve anything in this world. Not having a true friend is the biggest and worse thing in your life. You become alone. And as you know that empty mind is same as the mind of evil. It is very important that bonds of friendship are strong from both sides. If your friends care about you then you also need to care about your friend. This can be only possible when you spend most of your time with your friend. Friendship is the one of the gifts from God for a simple human being. 

2. Friendship teaches us how we behave with our friends and with anyone. 

Suppose if you are in front of any stranger person then you might not able to talk with them easily. But if you stand in front of your friend then you can easily handle the situation. This course is valid for all people. Not only for single one. If you are not living closer to your friend than your power of communication skill may not develop up to the mark. And you start feeling reverence. Always try to be with your friend but for this you not need to go to your friend's home. You can meet them in school, college and in health centers or any places as you want to meet your friend. You may communicate with your friend with the help of electronic media such as mobiles phones, Computer etc. You can use the internet to communicate with your friend by using computer. 

3. You are able to share your feeling. 

In any situation if you are not able to decide what is wrong and what is right for you. Then at that point of time you can take some help from your friend. This definitely helps you. There are various opinions which allow you to choose the correct path and achieve success in your life. And at certain stages of life when your friends need your help. Always be there to help your friend. 

4. Share your aim of life with your friend and he helps you to achieve that aim.  

AS you know that an activity has no meaning if you are not conscious about that activity. Every person has some aim in their life. But Be serious about that goal. This can be possible only when you share your feeling with your friend. They help you to achieve your goal that might make your life happy. They Always be there for you to suggest you the correct path. This type of feeling arises between you and your friend only when you are hanging with your friend. Try to share all your feeling with your friend whether it is good or bad for you. It doesn't matter. 

5. You can use your friend's thing when you need that thing. 

Like a good neighbor friend is also there to help you with their stuffs. If you really need that stuff. They never stop you to share their feelings and their things. The most interesting thing is that suppose you use your friend stuffs without their permission then he never feel bad. Like a friend you cannot share your things to anyone. If your friend shares things with you then in returning he doesn't want anything from your side. 

6. You can share your best friend with your other friends. 

There is exception in everything. And true friend is the example of exception in friendship. Are you getting my point? I mean to say that you can share your best friend with someone who don't have a true friend like you. It is same as you do on social networking sites. What you do on twitters you advise someone to choose a best friend like you. There are many friends of yours but only few of them are able to to whom we say as a true friend. I am not saying that you have to give you all time to your best friend. It is about your prime duty to give attention towards your other friends too. It is not possible that everyone becomes the true friend but few of them have the ability to be your best friends. And it totally depends on you that how you judge your friend. Always try to choose such kind of friends who believes in sharing love and affection not only thins with you. 

7. With the help of friendship you are able to learn new abilities and skills. 

A good friend is like a teacher and he always tries to teach you some important points in your life .But it depends on you how you accept that point. Common example of learning some skills by your friend is that suppose you are doing some bad activities like smoking, drinking. This is seen by your friend. They also start doing the same then he takes you to the negative path. Always try to accept positive skills from your friend's side. In simple it totally depends on you  how you use your friendship.  

8. Friendship is the only power who able you to inspire in your life. 

Use your friends as an inspiring factor. This will give you an immense success in your life. The role of true friendship is very important in your life and he always be there to motivate you. Use this motivation as an inspiration and try to achieve as much success as you can achieve in your life. Then only you are able to achieve what you want from your life. Friendship is a factor that totally changes the living style of your life. Everyone wants to get inspired by someone who play a vital role in that life. A true friend changes your life by sharing your idea, sharing your feeling and also by motivating you. Now you better understand that what are the qualities of a true friend. You need to follow that point in your life. It might change your life drastically. Always try to become just like your true friend. AS your friend motivates you to achieve success in your life you also do such type of work by which your friend also gets inspired by your side and get success in their life too. 

9. It's the duty of you and your friend to maintain discipline in your life. 

Getting motivated by your friend is very important. But maintain discipline in your life is also very important. Without discipline man become like an animal. They teach you the importance and meaning of life like your father do. They always try to Show you the truth of society. The best example of maintaining discipline is in the Christian religion. As you all know the Jesus Christ. For maintaining Discipline they sacrifice their life. So we have to take some lesson from their sacrifice. This is the biggest example and we all try to implement that example in our life.  

10. The last but not the least always try to encourage your friend. 

As our knowledge is concerned we know encouragement. It is nothing but it develops an invisible power to perform any work. Many people are always with you. They try to teach you a lesson but only few of them are available to encourage you. The true friend is one of them. Suppose that you got less marks in one subject. At that time it is the duty of  your friend who encouraged you to achieve success in remaining examination. It's all about your best friend who encourage you in any situation whether in the field of study or in social life. You need a help from your friend's side. Friend cares about you. They need you and motivate you to take your life on the right path. 

Conclusion: -A true friend provides you everything that you want from your life. It helps you to achieve success, live happily in your life, never fed up by your life. It's the duty of both friend to preserve your friendship because its benefits always help both. By this way both friends become successful person.  

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