Out of every relationship, the relation among two friends is very important. And all think that they get true friend in life. The importance of true friend cannot be explained. In simple word Friendship is the special gift of god and we all try to save this gift. If you don't have a friend then you lose your confidence level and also your health because you are not able to enjoy your life. It is your true friend who inspired you in every field of life. By this inspiration you can achieve everything in your life. And this help you to make a responsible person. The person who has no true friend because of regular activities like you leave your current city, change your old school, your father gets transferred to another city. At that time you felt alone and at that point of time you need to make some new friend. And they help you so that you can easily adapt at new places as soon as possible. Few people easily make new friends but what about those people who are not able to make new friend immediately. 

Here are the 11 tips that help you to make new and true friend forever.

1. Always talk with new people.

The very first step of making new friends is to get closer to the stranger and try yourself to involve in them. There are several places like school, playground, fitness center where you can make your new friends. But by visiting that place is not a solution. You are not able to make friends by this way. You have to talk with them on any issue and try to come closer to that boy you just meet at any place.  

2. Always be happy in your life.

If you feel happy then automatically your face became smiling and smiling face is like by everyone. And by this you may attract new people to yourself. People never like those whose face shows the attitude. If your facial expression is not good then you might not get the attraction by anyone. In friendship there is no place of attitude .If you show yourself to be more than another then you are not able to get any kinds of friend in your life. 

 3. First of all start chatting without any hesitation.

In this way you can interact with some new people and there will be a chance of making some new friends. Why you are waiting for another person. Go on and start the topic by your side. First of all you need to start chatting with another person then that person with whom you chat finish that conversation. Always start talking by taking some common topics. Because both of you have to familiar about that topic. 

4. Always try to be in contact.

Friendship can be maintained if you try to maintain a contact with another friend. Never forget your friends. You need not to go to your friend's home to meet him. Now in this modern world there is a facility of mobile phone through which you can send sms or may make calls  to your friend. You can also email to your friend with the help of internet. Nowadays the most common way to interact with your friend through Facebook that is a social networking site. 

5. Try to do any work in combined form.

Always try to make friendship with those people whose interest tally with your interest. This allows you to do particular work with each other. Suppose you make friendship with those people whose area of interest does not match with your area of interest then how this friendship goes on. 

6. Leave something on your friend.

If you always try to make calls or message to your friend and in returning they are not responding you in a manner you want. Then you have to understand that they don't want to continue that friendship. So it is your duty to give some time to your friend to judge you. If he found you to be right then he definitely responds you. Because all of us know that no work can be done by force. If they think that you are his real friend then he must ask you for everything. 

7. Try to enjoy all the moment related to your friend.

The simple way to enjoy all the moments of your friendship by allowing your friend to be the part of your life. One thing must be kept in mind while making friend. Friends are those who teches you like a father, love you like a mother, play with you like a brother and share your feeling like a sister. Always try to become such kind of friend on which your friend can belief  for you by their closed eyes. 

8. Overbearing pride is not good in your friendship. 

If you show attitude as well as your greatness in front of your friend then at that very point you start loosing your good friends. These kinds of stories are famous in movies not in real life. If you think that all your friends move according to you then this is your bad thinking and you start loosing your friend gradually. In reality you want to make friend then start thinking about other not about yourself. Always listen to your friend that what they want to say to you. 

9. Show yourself as an interesting guy.

If you want to impress someone then you have to attract the attention of that person and for that you have to become an interesting person. Everyone wants their friend to be an adventurous and intelligent person. If they are anserine and foolish then no one wants you as a friend. Suppose you are more intelligent than your friend and you have some attitude then your knowledge doesn't mean anything. You are not the most intelligent person in this world so try to learn something from others which really provide benefit to you. You can use your knowledge to in term of group discussion this will provide a good factor for your future life. 

10. Try to become the way by which another person can get some happy moment. 

If someone gets happy moment from your side then this is your biggest achievement. Because in this present era all are responsible for some trouble. My meaning is that give some happy moment to others so that they become happy and enjoy their life. This does not mean that you itself become the matter of laugh in front of others. You can use funny jokes or any fun activity to make someone laugh. Always try to give congratulate on their winning.  

11.Now in final step you try to give respect to everyone.  

If you are going to some unknown place and there you see anyone who is very intelligent then you have to appreciate his knowledge. 


These are some of the winning tips that make you successful. You can easily make friends by using these tips. If you are new to some place then these 11 tips help you to make friend without any difficulty. For making true friend you have to simple and calm and then only you can become favorite person for anyone.  

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