From our Childhood we have grown up hearing that it takes long years to develop good relations with others, but it doesn’t take even a second to spoil that relation. We don’t even get a moment to spoil our relations with other. If the gap between two people’s relation comes and if the gap is widen, then there is always a chance of breaking those relations. As the time goes on, when anger cools down then the person who has done the mistake realize their mistake and feeling of regret develops. In such circumstances both sides solve the issues with mutual understanding. The person who has realized his fault, and then the other person should also relent and should accept his apology. Life is to live together not to be separated.

Forget the Tartness

More you have tartness in your heart more you will feel uncomfortable. You won’t to be able to come in front of that person, from whom your bitterness is there. This will create more depression, tension and slowly-slowly its affects could be adverse. So, it’s better to avoid such bitterness from your mind. Just feel good about that person and you will also feel good. See, when the feeling of bitterness remains in your heart for long time then this could create high blood pressure and depression, which is not at all good for our health. Such person becomes a negative thinking person. Such person can’t move forward in their life. So, if it is possible forget your ego and bitterness and try to have compromise with that person.

Think for your betterment

Every moment in your life is very much important. The more we are angry with others; more the happiness will remain away from us. If you are angry with someone, then try to solve the issues by sitting at one place. Anger in your heart will create different kind of feelings in your heart, which could make the matter worse. So, it is better that you solve your issues as quick as possible. You need to also think about yourself. Being in anger, depression, high blood pressure, you are spoiling yourself. You are spoiling your health. Just forgive others as quick as possible. Forgiveness gives you lot of relief not only to your health but your relations with other are also improved. 

In our social life, we have to fulfill some relations even though we don’t like to have in our life. It is not at all possible that the Environment and behavior of the people who live around us is according to our liking. If a person behaves in wrong way with one person, then slowly-slowly he/she would be able to end up all the relations and finally at one moment time will come, in which that person would be left alone. This doesn’t mean that you should tolerate all the wrong behavior of others. If you find any person’s behavior which is not good, then you should stop them there itself. If you find any person betraying you, then you should be angry with that person. You can have some distance with that person, but you should not leave the relationship. To forget the bitterness of any relationship, you should wait for right moment. As the time goes, everything would be fine.

Forgive and be happy

There is one saying “Forgive and forget”. We should also try to follow this saying. You should walk forward one step towards this saying, and you will automatically feel the happiness within you. If someone has played with your feeling, then instead of thinking towards that issue or thinking about the person who has hurt you, you should rather avoid any kind of feeling developing in yourself and you should feel happy. More you will happy, more those things will be away from you. Neglecting is the best option to change our thoughts and feelings. If a person, who has hurt you, wanted apology from you, then you should give them apology. It is possible when that person comes to you, then you can get angrier, but you should understand that person and be silent and steady in your behavior. Talk with that person politely. If someone has hurt you, then you should not do some nuisances which ultimately increase your anger. You should not hurt your feeling. Change your mind by doing some activities which you like. Divert your mind from bad things and feelings. Watch some comedy show that could feel much better.

Leave the Negative thoughts and feeling behind and more forward with lot of positives in mind. Positive thinking with efforts only and only increases the probability of success. That is the only way to live a better life. We should promise our self that we are not going to have any such negativity in our mind which stops and restrict us from moving ahead

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