Role of friendship

The Color of Friendship

Friends play a vast role in human beings life. Human Beings cannot stay alone. They are just like an animal moving here and there in search of someone. Human need someone very special in their life with which they can share their feelings of joy sorrow which sometimes cannot be shared with family members. True friends are just the gift of god. One might be very lucky to get a true friend who is always beside them in all situations.

Types of friendship

Friendship can happen at any age. there is no age discrimination between the fiendship. Friendship is the wonderful relation one ever had in their life. A good friend can change one's life. But one should be very careful of making friends. Many people make friendship with other and latter spoils the life of the friends. We make friendship mainly for three reasons:

1. For the goodness or faith.

2. For our benefit, and,

3. For our happiness.

When there is a faith in relationship of friendship that friendship remains forever. To keep any relationship ever lasting faith is very much necessary. If one finds faith then they are ready to keep friendship with that person. And one gets attracted towards it. Friendship doesnot bother whether the person is rich or poor, literate or illiterate and good or bad looking. Friendship is just friendship which should be pure and clear like the water. True friend will never leave your hand instead they will always be with you and never let you die. They will show one the right path and how to live life happily.

The second kind of friendship is the importance of the friends. Here people look for their benefit only. How useful a friend is. It is the test of friendship. Some make friendship for their benefit. Some think that their friends will allow them to use their products, will help them to get good job if they finds their friend has good reputation in the market. Some prefer to make friendship with those who can help them in future. This type of friendship never lasts long. These types of friendship die as soon as our needs are fulfilled.

The third kind of friendship is for our happiness. We think them to be the joker of the circus where the joker entertains the audience and children. If we are sad we feel very lonely and in that situation if any one enters our life and try to make us laugh we forget everything and accept that person as our friend who can understand our feelings and try to make us happy with different funny jokes. These types of friends never make us dissappoint. They are very sweet, caring and loving. We feel proud of having such friends in our life.

Now we get that all three qualities are different. They are not related to each other. But if we find all these three qualities in one person then our friendship will be in great success.

Making friends

friendship day

We make friends from our childhood to our adult age. We celebrate the first Sunady of August as a special day for our friends which is famous all over the world as "FRIENDSHIP DAY". The friendship which we make from the core of our heart lasts forever. Friendship made for faith and not for our self remains forever in life and are permanent friends. Good friendship is found very rare because very few people deserve this quality. Friendship made in childhood may not lasts forever or in some case it may be the true friendship.Childhood friends are very much addicted with our habits. They know us very well and this friendship lasts forever in many cases. But many lost this childhood friend. Some change their school or some went far from home. And as such we are detached from our childhood friends and step to new phase of life where we were supposed to make some new friends. So very rare childhood friends remain as best and good friend in one's life.


Friendship is not related to blood relation. It is different from our blood relation. Friendship also has its own shape and size. Friendship adjusts itself according to the heart of the people. Friendship is just like a soothing balm. When we feel very sad, unhappy or even cannot get into the right solution it is our friend who finds solution for us and cure our healness and make us happy. There is no give and take policy in pure friendship. Friendship is just like the beautiful love bird  which comes and fills our life with lots of love. Friends are like our body guards. They are our big strength which one might not get from others. Friendship is the lovely feeling of life.

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