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It is impossible for human being to live alone. They need someone to interact. Among them, some are their relatives or some of them are related with human beings. Therefore, to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions they need someone and they make friends. Relatives are not chosen but it is necessary to choose friends. Friendship is a gift of God, which can fulfill the hearts of others. Friends are also very important. We cannot share many things with our parents and so we need a very trustworthy companion and that is why we make friends. There are few reasons of having friends.

1. Necessity of friends for human being

Human being need some secret companion outside the family and so they find some good friends for them with whom they can share such things which sometime cannot be share with parents or other family members. If there are no friends in our life then it would be bore for us.


2. Friends make us happy even if we are angry or sad

A true friend always remains beside us in all situations. When we are angry or sad for any reason, they try to change our mood. A true friend can never see their friend unhappy or sad. They try to help us to overcome from such situations and in this way, we can trust our friends.

3. Friends can be taken to any places

Most of the time we do not like to move out with only our parents. Sometime even, we like to move out with other person and so we need friends. It is friends with whom we hang out to watch movies, take  a brisk walk, laugh, share jokes and even go on to enjoy the vacation.

4. Good friends can make us laugh with some humor

Friends are our best companion. They can make us laugh with their funny jokes. Therefore, it is good to keep friends with some humor quality.

5. Friends are good companion for the study

When we entered the school, we get many friends of same age in one class. Same we find when we opt for the higher studies. Friends help a lot. Even if we are, absent for the class they help us a lot by providing the task, which we miss, while we are absent. Friends are good study partner. If we have any problems regarding studies, we can get help from our friends. During exam time they can help us by providing proper guide. Because teachers are not always available with us when we face any difficulty regarding studies. It is friend with whom we can consult and solve the problem.

6. Technology helped lot in contacting friends

Computers made our life easy and smooth. Now contacting friends became very easy with the invention of social sites like face book, twitter, Google talk and email and even with the help of mobile phone, we can talk with our friends with just push of one button. We can send messages to our friends and can also receive reply from them instantly.

7. Benefits of working with friends

If our friends are well establish and get job in some good company we can request our friend to help us get some job. Sometime we can get job in the same company and get opportunity to work together with our friend in the same workplace and get much time to spend with each other.

8. A true friend help us in any situation

A proverb stands right that "a friend in need is a friend in deed". The statement is very true. True friends always remain with us in all situations. They never run back when they find their friend is in trouble. Sometime parents are not there beside us and that time it is friend who becomes our great support. A true friend cares for their friend and helps them in emergency.

9. Our friend can be anyone


Friends are not always those whom we find in school, college or in our area. We can make friends outside school, college and our area. It totally depends upon us. We can choose our friends whom we think can be our friends. We can make friends in the workplace or even if we met someone regularly in bus or train. Friends can be made with any age people. However, in friendship love should be there. In addition, we must respect our friends.

10. One can fall in love with friends

Lastly, one big benefit of friends is that we can fall in love with one of our friend. We get to know each other very well, we can understand each other feelings, emotion and remain with them most of the time and start dating with them, which unknowingly make us love with them and turn to make decision of making them our husband or wife. This can help us to get a very good life partner for us. Therefore, it is good before making life collaborate to anyone. We first make friendship with him/her and later get to know each other very well.

Therefore, it is very important to have good friends in life. Friends can be closer than our brothers, sisters or parent. There is no restriction made by friends. they never put any obstruction on our way as our parents sometimes does. They never try to control us. Therefore, friends are the most precious thing of our life. Few people are lucky to have good friends. Friends make our life amazing.

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