Did you ever find any change in your parent’s behavior? They may not do their work freely as before. Your father may not check his mails or your mother may not get ready properly. She may be wearing the saree without Ironed. She may not plait her hair properly as earlier. All these shows that they need some help. But taking care of parents in their old age is not all an easy thing. So you need to take care of your responsibilities and your parents. It is very tough to balance them. By following few things you can balance them and take a lot of care of your parents.

1. Have some conversation with your parents. They will be sensitive. So you need to talk to them and make them comfortable in their situations. Now Children should take care of their parents who are in old age. That means children should play parents role.
2. When your parents go to a doctor, then you also go with them. Therefore, your parents will comfortable and it will be helpful to them. You can even know about their treatment also.
3. Plan a schedule for your parents. Write all their appointments in a dairy or calendar. So that they can do their things in time. 
4. Spend some time with them. Though you are busy, try to spend at least a little time with them. Try to play a game or have a walk with them. This helps in strengthening your relationship with them.
5. Allot a separate space and room for them. So that they have some privacy. Help them when they ask you.
6. Try appointing a caretaker for them. Then it will be helpful for you and your parents. 
7. Though you may feel boring of their words, but try being an attentive listener to them. 
8. Always try to make them happy. Never hurt them with your words and behavior.
9. Actually old people are like small kids. They will be mentally and physically weak. So we need to take a lot of care of them and never neglect them.
10. When we are with parents in old age. We should be patience with them. We should never talk or be rude towards them. 

11. Try to take them for outing whenever you get time. They feel so happy.

Therefore, Serving parents is really serving God. 


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