It is said that to children, the first school is family, where they can learn the dos and don’ts of the society. One can be a member of a family either getting birth in that family or by getting married. Family helps to learn manner, to follow culture and custom and we can share our feeling with other members of the family. So in one word family is needed to everyone. Even where we work together that may be called a family as we spend a time there with other colleagues.

At home:

A family is said where father and mother consist with their parents and children and brothers and sisters. It refers to a common residence where all members live together .It is a temple where all members’ needs are fulfilled. Love and respect of each other are two mail pillar which help to live united and peacefully. 

Activities of a family:

In family seniors earn for that family and also bring the necessary things. Mother cooks for all in a family. Sometimes grandparents help in father’s and mother’s activities. Children study at home. They also help their parents and grand parents. Some grand parents need some help in their daily activities. Grand children help them by giving medicine and also in many ways. Grand parents tell stories to the little children. A happy family is said where we everybody share their works and also share happiness and sorrow.

A child can learn value of manners and different skills from his family and follow the members to do some activities also. In many families children also learn the family traditional crafts like weaving, carving or pottery by following other senior members.

Types of families in India:

Generally we get to see two types of families in India. One is nuclear family and other is joint family.

Joint family: - It consist grand parents, parents, children, uncle and aunt with their children under a roof. Some time more than one nuclear families live under one roof in a joint family. Moral values and family rituals are automatically passed to the young generation from seniors. There are some advantages and disadvantages of a joint family. It is hard to maintain any privacy and you may bear the expenses of others but advantages are more than disadvantages like, you can get support from others. You will never feel alone in a joint family.

Joint family is ideal today as in many families father and mother go to work daily. Then Children are kept under maid servant or they were sent to any hostel. But if you live in joint family there will be many members to look after them.

Nuclear family: - It consist only parents and their children. Generally nuclear families are with fewer members. Parents support and provide all needs to all in that family. Also some needs privacy which is not possible in joint family. People can do whatever they want and able to run on their own way. You can manage your needs also and can avoid others stress. There are some disadvantages also. Children can not get support from others which is available in joint family.

Changing family concept day to day:

The concept of joint family is changing very fast. Now a days number of joint families are decreasing. There are some reasons responsible for this changing. Here are some probable cause-

  1. Industrialization- In ancient times, most of the people were engaged in agriculture only .Then there was no such many industries. They were dependent only on agriculture. So they lived in a joint family for their own need. Now the era of industry. People migrate themselves to town for employment in various industries.
  2. Large size- When a joint family became large in size, it creates some problem. House and room may be insufficient to them. Some come out to make another nuclear family. Some times they start business on their own, leaving their family tradition and move closer to their place of work.
  3. Education- Now every parent wants their children to make educated. They are also able to provide good educational facilities with school. This is also a cause of changing the joint family concept.

Why family is important to one?

Family is also important in society to reproduce further, it may be biologically. It is a primary function of society.  So family is an important place, where all are also important. They should maintain a common harmony. Some are expert in cooking, some in painting. Some are good and intelligent in education and some can sing well. All remains happy by sharing their views with each other. Every body should respect others activity also. Celebration of festivals is another matter where all can participate jointly and can enjoy together in joint family. Being alone to enjoy festival is not enjoyable. So remain healthy and active by staying in a joint family.

Another important thing is that when any member falls in sick, he or she may need support of others. In a joint family it is possible only. Being a family man anybody never feel loneliness. So invest your time and energy in your family, it will improve your qualities and you may feel happy with the members around you by sharing your feelings, hopes, dreams, fears, joys, sorrows, experiences and needs also.

Some tips to improve the relationship among family members:

  • Share your happiness as well as sorrow among all members in your family. It helps to be free minded.
  • Give support economically if possible or mentally to your family.
  • Share sometimes regularly with other members and sit together at least once in a week. This will help to build a bonding.
  • Take your meal along with other members (if Possible) in dinner after finishing your whole day works.
  • Greet everybody in the morning and night. Also wish others in their birthday or any anniversary. Remember wish is a valuable thing than gift.
  • Always think and show that this is your family and all live in your heart.


So whether it is joint or not, try to make your family happy to make a sweet home as it is called heaven on earth.
I am finishing this with a quote,” The love of a family is life’s greatest blessings.”  And Gorge Bernard Shaw said.”A happy family is the earlier heaven”.

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