When we talk about sibling relationships. It is really a unique relationship between two individuals. They share their happiness with each other. Support other when they fall in any problem. This relationship is really a gift. They really make us laugh by their activities. Sometime they fight with each other but in the next moment they behave like a true friend. This relationship is the best relationship in our society. It brings a our childhood memories in our mind. They take us to our childhood days. This relationship is known as the strongest relationship among all types of relationship. It is a common wish of every parent that their children remain together for a longer duration of time. Through this article I am going to discuss some points in what way you can maintain a long lasting and strong union between your children. To develop a healthy and strong relationship between your children. We need to develop this feeling in our children when they are young enough. 

In what way we can develop a long lasting relationship between our siblings.

 To develop a strong feeling and emotion between your children to each other. We have to choose a right age. So that this relationship can stay for a longer duration of time. Childhood is the right time when you can develop a feeling and emotion between your children. At this age they can easily adopt all kinds of change in their life. They need to  learn the concept of sharing . For their child's parent is the best teacher. They teach their children in what way you need to behave with other person in your playground, school, public places and even with each other. You need to become a motivator for your children. You have to teach your children in what way they can build a strong relationship with each other in a proper manner. They need to solve their all problems and learn how to respect each other. They must have a feeling of co-operation for each other. Suppose that a problem remains in their lives then this problem develop  as a big problem in their future life. If you found such problem try to solve it as early as possible. At that moment you need to use your skills to solve that problem. It will prove beneficial for your child's life. 

What is the role of parents toward their children. 

1. Give equal love to all your children. Never neglect any of your children. 

2. Right time to compare the good qualities and bad qualities of your children when they are not with you. If you do this when they are along with you then it creates a wrong concept in their mind. This is not good for your child's future life. 

3. Never support your children when they fight with each other. You can give your support when any of your children take advantage of their height, strong body structure. At that time you may support your weaker child. 

4. Suppose that something is going wrong between your children. Allow them to solve that problem. Never try to help any of your children until the situation goes out of your hand. It will create a wrong concept in their mind. 

5. Problem management skills are very important lesson for your children. Make them aware of that lesson proper. So that they can easily solve all their problems without the help of others. 

6. Taking Breakfast, Lunch, Dinners with their family members is really a good habit. Try to develop that habit in your children. By this way you are going to develop a strong relationship with each other and with their family. 

7. When a new baby born at that time other children might get some separation from their parents. Never do that with your other children. Try to give an equal amount of love for each of your children. This will never create any conflict between them. 

8. Try to become a good listener for your children. Listen all demands of your children and if it is possible to fulfill their demand equally. 

9. Never speak any kind of negative words related to their personality and their behavior. It will develop a bad impact on their mind. 

10. Let's give extra time for your children so that they might do some activities with each other. It will create a strong bond between them. This will develop a concept of teamwork in their mind. This concept is very useful for their future life. 

11.It is a common problem between your children that they want to show their smartness because they are elder one among all your children. You must stop such kinds of activities. Teach your children that you all are same. You need to help each other. Because if you are alone they other might harm you easily. Perform all your activities like a unit. 

12.Always respect your children and their feeling and emotion. If they were doing something wrong at that time you continue to give some respect for your children but in a hidden manner. 

13.At last but not the least give equal time to all your children. They never feel that they might be ignore from their parent side. It will create a conflict between your children. They must respect each other emotionally and always ready to give help to each other.

Suppose that you bring a New bag for one of your children because now your child become able to go to school and take education. At that time will you buy a new bag for your other child too. This thing is not possible for you to do that. If you want to show equality then you have to bring a new bag for your other child too. This is an exceptional case and it is the duty any parents to make aware of their children that your big brother is now able to go school but you are still a smaller one. You have to wait for that bag. A time has come when you also get that bag. It is very common in your children that they fight for a particular thing. At that time it was your duty to teach your children that we are here and we equally distribute everything to each and every one of you. You need to remain patience and calm. The decision taken by you in anger has been always bad for your child.


By this article we come to know a wonderful relationship between parents and their all Siblings. They have to be careful because their one wrong step can spoil the life of their child. You must follow some rules or tips so that you're  all children get equal love from your side. I discuss all possible ways to do that.  

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