• Home-An ideal place in society
  • It is said Charity begins at home. If we want to make an ideal society, then first we must make an ideal home. Home is an ideal and an important place.
  • It is a primary necessity to all. It may be big or small, palace or hut, it may be in village or in city, but it should be clean and comfortable. Surroundings should be also clean. A simple house can be more beautiful and comfortable if we keep some points in our mind.

Some points to make a home comfortable

  1. Sunlight:- Every house should have some windows to allow sunlight into house, but it should de dust protected. Sunlight brightens a home and also keeps germ free. After all we all know that it gives us Vitamin D.
  2. Proper Ventilation: - Windows and doors should set up in such a manner so that fresh air can flow into the house and dirty air can go out, it helps us to remain healthy and energetic.
  3. Sanitation: - To remove the dirty water or waste water from our home, proper drainage system is must. Not only that it should be cleaned regularly  as it is a great source of  flies, germs, mosquitoes and even also cockroaches, which spread many diseases such as malaria, dengue, etc. in our society. We should also use a dustbin at home.
  4. Water: - Water is our life. It is used in every thing like drinking, bathing, washing, planting, etc. So an ideal home should have sufficient water. If water is stored in a tank then that should be cleaned at regular intervals.
  5. Safety: - We keep windows and doors in our house not only for air, but also it is an important matter relating safety. The doors and windows should be hard to protect our house.

Now neighborhood

As a responsible citizen of our society we should have some duties towards our neighborhood also. It is not only that, we are keeping our house clean and throwing wastage into path. That also will spoil our society and surroundings. Waste is produced everywhere, it may be from our homes, schools, offices, factories or markets. All must be disposed in proper place. Animals also produce a lot of wastage in society. We should clean those also. Some waste can be reused or recycle.  Those should be disposed separately. But some are not reused. These should be dumped into a pit properly.
It is a responsibility of our all to protect and maintain our home as well as our environment. All of us should live in harmony and co-operatively with others.

Some tips to make our surrounding clean

  • Separate the wastes into two. Biodegradable and non- biodegradable. Biodegradable wastes may be converted into manures. So it should be dumped into pit. And some are recycled like papers, these also be separated.  
  • Non-biodegradable wastes are not used as manures like polythin bag or aluminum foil. These substances may be recycled also.
  • Proper plantation: - Plant not only gives us oxygen but helps the environment. It helps to look beautiful also. If there is any park in area then even it should also be well maintained.
  • Make a habit: - Plan once in a week to clean our surroundings and to make it a habit also to do it. Children will also get energy seeing us doing so. They will also learn it from childhood days.
  • Panchayat or Municipal Corporation also has some duties. If they follow their duties, then no problem. If not, we should inform them time to time to collect wastes of society. Now one important notice- In many rural areas still now, the people used the river water or pond water. So the chemical wastes should not be thrown into river before proper treatment and removing toxic from it. It will also spoil even the crops. It may spread many diseases in our locality. 

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