What is Domestic violence

Domestic violence is nothing but the harassment in term of physical, sexual, Mental, emotional and financial. This might be a responsible for generating domestic violence. Psychological domestic violence is sometime creating large problems in your life. Any activity that makes us a threat is known as domestic violence. There are several signs of domestic violence. Such as verbal misuse anything like shouting, threatening. To make us mentally torture, Snatch our mobile phones, take vehicles from us, and make any fault statement about you. Always make you smaller in front of others, not hearing your words, never help you in need. Do you away from your family and friends. Embarrass you everywhere and disconnect you from this world. Always shouting at you, make violent threat, and sometimes they treat you by sexual violence. Sometime they bit you, push you and make some other kinds of physical violence with you. Certain disorders or reaction may come at you from domestic violence. You always live in fear and emotional disorder state. Some the truthful memories lead to several disorders in your mind. Sometimes your mind goes in unwanted and shocking thoughts. In the result of that you see nightmares. How much you face this domestic violence you feel yourself low and you think you are nothing in this world. You start loosing your self confidence and even you loose trust of others. You always live with depression. That's the biggest reason for the suicide. If you want to recover from this Domestic violence then you have to follow these rules. 

What causes domestic violence

The main reason for domestic violence is a clash between between two individuals. It may lead to death in the form of suicide. Violence does not know the word to give and take forgiveness. You cannot find a happy moment in any kinds of violence. During this process a person might filled with jealousy. His/her mind and heart becomes full of pain. They cannot enjoy their happy moment of life too. The only thing in what way he/she might take a revenge from that person. By this way no one live a happy life on this earth. They always think about that person and the way that might destroy her/his life completely. Many people use as a wrong word and become an abuser and start treating that person very badly as much possible as they can. They always keep her/his eyes on such person they might become a victim. You can easily find a person that is really an abuser and take another person very badly on our society. This all becomes a part of our society. This is really a bad sign for our society and we need to improve such type of situation.

Domestic violence separate two people from one another. It is mostly a hate in our relationship. Both people always try to oppose other in every walk of life.  If you want to pass your time then it is not a good idea to disturb such kinds of people. They might harm you too. Never interfere in their matter. Suppose that they did something miserable and like killing and fighting with each other then at that time you might interfere in their matter and try to make this situation under control but this is not possible to do that. This is the reason why our police staff wait for the time when the situation go out of their control. At that time they had to take some serious action against those people involve in that violence and try to control that situation. The people are involved in violence cannot have any feeling about others. They cannot make any difference between a victim and an abuser. They only understand the violence they have created and do all possible things for that violence. It is very impossible to understand what they think about each other. They become mad and behave like a sick person and it is impossible for them to describe a good thing or bad thing.

They all behave like a man without manner. This feeling makes a person to a criminal. They always like to do such activities and their thinking becomes deeper and deeper about this violence. Such type of peoples accepts the path of violence because they might get any hurt from their parents and from the person who love most. This all violence is not good for those abusers but they still continue their abusing activities. They are well aware that this is very dangerous and harmful for their life. If someone wants to come from that bad activities they might need to consult with a doctor. 

Violence is not a good sign for our civilization. It only breaks relationship nothing else. They have to leave a path of violence because they are a part of the family. Family is always waiting for you. If you get any difficulty and not able to come out from violence they you must start a special kind of anger management classes. This class helps you to get out of this path of violence. Your loving partner is waiting for you. One soul cannot able to live without the presence of another soul. If you surround by an anger then the best idea to keep yourself in one corner and try to cool down your anger. 

Different kinds of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a kind of violence that is mostly found in our families, with our relative, In our relationship, Marriages including arranging and love, dating relationship between two partners. This violence affects the life of people for a longer duration of time. Domestic violence looks simple at the early stage of our relationship. Suppose that if you caught your partner talking with a person of the opposite sex then it will become a matter of jealousy in your relationship. Domestic violence includes abuse that affects us mentally, Physically as well as emotionally.

One abuser can use many kinds of abusing tool that make other people or partner feel very bad. This violence makes a person feel that the person on the other side is the biggest enemy for me. They start doing return violence with that person. Sometimes it leads to a very miserable condition. Both become very helpless from that violence and they really want to quit that violence. If you are a victim of any violence then it is not easy for you to recover from that violence. You are highly depressed because of this violence that continue in your life from a longer duration of time. You have to meet any reputed depressions expertise doctor. You have been attacked by lots of physical problems because of this domestic violence. Some of them are deep depression, You might lose your weight, Loss of self confidence, Forget your life's goal etc.  

Domestic violence is a serious matter and you have to take care regarding this domestic violence. If this violence is continued for a longer duration of time then there is a possibility of death of that person. You might affect by any serious physical injuries that makes your life miserable. In such a condition a person might need a support from their family members, their friends etc. If you remain with your family then it proves a safe place for your survival. 

There are several forms of domestic or family abuse such as Physical form of violence, sexual form of violence, emotional form of violence, economical form of violence and other kinds of treats develop because of this violence.   This type of abuse is going to take a big form of problem in any life and that people might fall on the path of violence or any other type of crime. This makes a person criminal. According to the survey held in 2005 there is a basic increment of the family violence as compared to the survey take in between 1995 to 2004.

According to this survey held in united state of America. It clearly indicates that 50 percentages of spouses are affected by this family violence while 12 percentages of of children are affected by this violence. There is a similarity between the domestic violence and abuse. It affects all types of people belonging to different culture, Religion, Sex. No one is going to escape from this violence or abuse. An another survey indicates that a certain group and demographics are more affected by this violence and become a victim of violence. Here is a survey conducted by the American medical corporation indicates that one woman become a victim of this family violence out of every three women as compare to man which has only a record of 20 percentages as a victim of this violence.  Many violence continues from one generation to another generation. This violence is mostly affecting our children that might develop a problem related to their behavior. They lost their control over their behavior. Violence that passes from one generation to another generation might force the children to think deeply about this violence. It makes them either an abused person or an abuser. The age between 15-18 is very dangerous for your child it might make your child an abuser or an abused person. The done between this age is known as a juvenile domestic violence.

A research indicates that the juvenile domestic violence affects mostly our male child as compared to female children. This violence mostly targets a woman. This is an age where youth searches for their partner. If they do not succeed then it takes the form of a juvenile domestic violence. If we cannot stop our children from this violence then it takes a bigger face and it can affect his or her marriage life too. This cycle of increasing tendency need to be stopped otherwise it will spoil your child life completely. The family can adopt a preventive measure to get out of this domestic violence. Many organizations start many kinds of treatment plan that can be very useful to avoid such type of domestic violence from their life. We have to remain thankful because of such kinds of effort by an organization. It might reduce the cases of domestic violence in future time. 

Five tips to recover from domestic violence

In what way you come to know about the domestic violence. A person can recover from this domestic violence by using these 5 tips.  

1. In any situation do not make any blame on yourself- Try to take  proper responsibility about the decision taken in future as well as present.

2. Never make yourself aloof from your family and your surroundings - It is good for you to develop a strong network that connect you with those people with family and your surroundings.

3.  Never show yourself as a victim one escape from that - Try to remain in a group, take proper control of your life in a better way. Always select a path that proves good for your future life.

4. Try to stop abusing one another- try to give help and take help from the other side. This will create a positive and healthy thinking. Now you can enjoy every sort of happiness in this world.  

5. Suppose that you are lucky one and getting out from a domestic violence. Keep this thing in your mind. Never repeat any kind of violence activities in your future life without thinking the consequences of this violence. Try to share your difficult time of your domestic violence with others. It might help you to recover from this domestic violence very easily and quickly. Share your difficult time but it should be limited. Never think that to recover from violence is totally difficult. Keep your confidence high because nothing is impossible in this world. It depends on you how you think about that. So fight as a fighter. Use any kind of approach but in a positive way. It brings sure and certain win for you.


We have discussed domestic violence in brief and its meaning, how this damages a person and his family. What are the basic reason for this domestic or family violence. What are the ways by which we can easily recover from this family or domestic violence. What are the differences and possible faces of a domestic violence in our society and in what way it influence our society. It is one of the evils of our society that make our society weaker and weaker as day passes. We all need to fight with such kinds of domestic or family violence like a fighter.  

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