In earlier mothers used to keep a lot of restrictions for the sake of their children bright future. Children will be fear and respect with their mother. Whatever their mother tell them they listen to it. But in present days everything is reverse. A lot of changes have occurred in the society. Children are in such a way that they won’t listen if mother keeps restrictions. If she punishes children then there will be very bad result of it. Looking after the children of this generation is very difficult. The main reason for this is, the changes which are taking place in the society. The outfits, cosmetics and what not, used by the children are came into market, so children are deciding themselves which things should be used. Due to this modern trend, mothers are not at all satisfied. 

Some mothers are making their children according to the present generation. Especially to daughters. Some mothers are giving dating tips to daughters. Like the mother and daughter relation will change into friendship relation also. Though the children have a lot of freedom but for talking important decisions or in important matters they will consult parents. Mothers play an important role in deciding which person should be kept as a boyfriend to their daughter. Children surely respect their decision. Though mothers interfered in the issues of children but they stay in their limits. 

For the latest generation girls mothers also getting ready as latest generation mothers. Compare to earlier, now friendship is more between the children and mother. Now days it has become common that mothers are selecting guys for their daughter to date. So daughters are informing early about their whereabouts to their mother. Mothers are in such a state that by seeing the expression of the children they are making out about the matter very easily. She never does injustice to her daughter. She works hard for the sake of her children. In this present generation also there are the daughters who obey their mother and wear whatever dress and cosmetics she choose for them. There is no doubt about it. The mother and children relation from earlier till now, a lot of changes occurred. Now the mother is not only mother for their children, she is good friend, psychologist and adviser.

You may have quarrel with your mother and become normal later. It is very hard for the mothers to spend time with their daughters, as their daughters are very busy with their schedule. Mothers are very talented in cooking tasty food. Try to learn cooking from her. 

Actually it is said that mother is our first and best teacher. She plays a great role towards her daughter. She always thinks good for her daughter. She loves her daughter a lot. Though she could not study well, but she wants her daughter to do what her daughter desire to study. People say that mother will have less love towards her daughter. But this is absolutely wrong. Mother will be a best friend of daughter. Girls learn everything from her mother only. Mother should be like mother with her teen age daughter. As daughters will hesitate to share their problems. Mother should always be close to her daughter. She should never doubt her daughter and keep more restrictions to her. She should give a lot of freedom to her. But make her understand her limits. So every daughter feels her mother as her friend and lover her.

While travelling anywhere, include your mother with you. Take your mother once in a week to have an ice cream. So that she will feel some change. And your relation gets strengthen.

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