Most people  love to have pets at home. Mostly they  prefer dogs at home. Dogs are the most favorite pets for all. They will be very friendly and jovial. They can make friends easily. But they must be taken proper care of very often. Their food , environment and health are all major concerns. Thus they must have a proper care to be taken. 

In my home, our pets are cats. They are three in number. They came to our home when they small babies. one was pure white in color and other was some what black combined. White one is a boy and the other one is a girl cat. They were so happily playing with all members of our family and they became very jovial. They turned to be members of our family and they were so sweet in behavior. They were allowed on all places except kitchen. And they were so disciplined that they never used to enter the kitchen on any cost. They have their own places of sleep and also plates to eat. They have very nice memory to remember all these. 

Initially we all were feeling irritated to have them at home. But later they turned to become very close with of them. Now every member of our family searches for them when we come back form work. They identify the members of the family and also the outsiders. When there are any guests they do not go near them. They always stay at a distance so that they do not get hurt. They have a certain food habits and what i found weird in my cat was that they eat vegetables a lot. Both my cats like beetroot, potatoes, carrots. When potatoes are boiled and given they love to eat it. When we get non-veg at home we separately get fish for them. They eat it raw most of the times and sometimes they eat fried fish also. 

The purpose of writing this article is to bring home the view that cats are also very nice pets. It is not that only dogs are suitable for home. Even cats are good on all ways. When they are properly trained they can remain indoors and can also be disciplined. They are very nice to be with. So please do consider the idea of having cats as pets at home.

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