Refrigerators have become a mandatory instrument in every home now. In early days it was practice that people used to prepare everything fresh and used to consume the food hot. It was said that eating food that was prepared hot and fresh will improve overall health and functioning of the organ systems. But nowadays since both parents are working they prepare lunch in the morning itself and they store it in the refrigerator. They can be used for several days. It is the main purpose of the refrigerator.  Every home has at least a small fridge at home. But nowadays there are many companies which are manufacturing fridges. There are many kinds and features that are available now. People are having a great variety to select. But whatever it might be there must be certain practices that must be followed to make it clean.


Try to clean the fridge once at least in two months. To clean the fridge, take out all the things from it and remove the plug. This will prevent current shock. Use salt water to clean it. It is better you do not use any soap. Just use the salt water to clean it. This will remove all the dirt and germs. Then leave it to dry and they replace all the things back.


  • Do not keep the fridge open for more than a minute. 
  • When you are going to place fragranced flowers then keep it in a polythene cover, so that the fragrance does not get spread to other things. When milk is placed and when flowers are placed near by then the smell of the flowers will spread to the milk. Thus always close the flowers tight in covers.
  •  Never keep raw meat and fish in the down case. Use the freezer to keep the raw meat or fish. 
  • To take out the ice cubes easily from the tray clean it whenever possible with hot water. This will make it easy to remove ice cubes.
  •  When you buy bread do not keep it in the fridge for a very long time. It will have a type of fungus formed on it. It is said to be toxic when consumed. Thus prevent yourself from eating it. Always eat bakery products very fast. Do not refrigerate it.
  •  When you place any foods in any vessels do not keep it open. Just keep it closed. 
  • When you find that there is some bad smell that develops then try to place lemon peels in it. It will remove the bad smell from the fridge. Keep changing the peels often. 
  • The uppermost freezer will have more coldness. So keep milk in that freezer. Do not keep flowers in that freezer. They will get damaged.

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