The advancements in medical science have slowly introduced new ways to find the identity of a particular individual. DNA testing in one such method that helps in finding ancestors or biological parents of a child, helpful in solving criminal cases and other legal issues. There are many situations where men support a child or pay their expenses without knowing that they are not biologically related to them. After knowing that, it can be shocking and depressing, as child support is expensive affair and unnecessary expense in such cases. In order to avoid such problems, it is good idea to know whether the child is biologically related to you through tests such as DNA paternity testing and then proceed further. There are different types of paternity testing and selecting the right one is completely depends on your situation. 

Identifying the appropriate type of paternity testing

In the case of supporting a child without knowing the identity, the legal DNA paternity test is the acceptable one.  If you want to carry out the test privately or are worried about privacy while revealing the results, then At-home paternity testing is sufficient to find out the answer. In cases where either one of the partner is suspicious about the other partner’s loyalty during conception, but don’t want to effect the relationship by expressing it, then a home paternity testing can be better option. It not only solves the paternity doubts, but doesn't provoke any unnecessary suspicions after the child is born. Further, instead of legal paternity testing if you opt for home paternity testing you can avoid strangers from interfering into your private family affairs. DNA

If you still have some doubts even after a home paternity test result, showing that you are not the parent of a child, then legal test is essential. The reason for that is the chain of custody followed in the legal paternity testing. It ensures that the process of testing is performed by genuine technicians and is stored in a place where the DNA samples cannot be tampered. The DNA samples are taken for testing by some neutral parties and are kept in a safe custody that is not accessible for all. So, there is less chances of being tampered, and even if it is tampered then such samples are ruled out in the court of law. For those who want to avoid expenses for child support, add or delete name from a birth certificate of child or do any alterations to paternal status have to compulsorily perform legal paternity test.    

How to perform any DNA paternity test?

There are many reputed organizations and DNA testing laboratories that offer services for legal paternity test. If you approach them then you have to provide the DNA samples to some neutral party technicians who ensure the safety of samples. However, the test results will not be given immediately as it takes 3-4 business days to process them for any authorized testing labs. For home paternity testing you may not have to go through this process where strict monitoring is done. It is done in reserved environment and in a convenient way at the comfort of home.  

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