Homecoming is the best feeling in the world, especially when you are studying at some place away from your Home, or earning to make a living to place far away from your home. Home is where mother is. No matter how much you fight, you hate or want to leave home, sooner or later you realize that you were actually wrong. The care and the comfort that we get in our own home can never be regained any where else. The childhood memories are missed because those were the best days of life.

Those were the moments when there was not even tickle of worry, as we knew that our parents are there to support us and to protect us. Every moment they were there to bestow their affection, love and care. But when your grow up and move away from your parents, you are all alone in the selfish world. Friends are no more meant to be True, they can not be trusted for a longer period of time.

Our family and relative is the only one we can actually trust. No matter how much we like the fast food and dinner at luxurious restaurants, the food prepared by mother can never be compared with any food in the world. It is always the best. No matter how much bad we say about that food, but we miss it. we don't realize the value of such things in our life, when we are closed with our loved ones, because it becomes a part of our life that we don't realize their value, but their absence makes us remember that yes those were the best moments when we were together.

And once we moved on, there is no going back, because we just cannot go back into our childhood. It has been exhausted with the memories kept afresh in our hearts.

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