Family plays an important part in the growth any one in this world. Especially in a country like india, this family system is the backbone for the ethical and cultural development of a man (or) woman. In earlier days, there exist two types of family system in the country. They are joint family and nuclear family respectively. India is cherished by other countries for its joint family system. In a joint family, people lived happily in one roof. Chidren grown up as well disciplined citizens with basic moral values and culture by the guidance and care of many relatives like grand father, grand mother, uncle, aunt etc., They learnt the quality of sharing with others in  such a system. While playing with their cousins, they had a chance to learn this quality of sharing and giving to others. Grand father and grand mother are there to educate them about moral values through stories. Kids learned everything through this joint family system. Most importantly they had respect for their elders. But nowadays, what is happening?. Everything is reversed. Joint family system is destroyed and nuclear family system has deeply rooted in our country. In this fast moving world, we cant blame anyone for this change. We have no other way. In earlier days, one person's earning is enough for a family to meet the expenses. Nowadays, both husband and wife are working, but it is also not enough to run a family. This situation led to the fall of our very own joint family. So, we are facing so many problems in the development of our children starting from their birth. Mothers are not able to feed them properly. Due to that, children are growing with lack of nutrtion. As a result, they are getting many diseases at their childhood itself, since their body is not having enough immunity to fight against the attack of germs and viruses. Not only that, they dont have basic moral values, respect for their elders, quality of giving and sharing. They don't have these qualities because they are growing up lonely without proper attention of parents. Especially, their grand parents are not their to tell stories and they even dont know who are their relatives. They are missing the happiness of childhood and losing there time with cartoon network, computer games, etc., They dont have interaction with people and living in the virtual world. It is very dangerous that our future generation is developing without any nutrtion, moral values, and growing as a robot without emotions. If we think  we can able to bring back those golden days for our future generation. Yes, it is possible if we make little changes in our life style. They are as follows:

1. Bring back your parents back to your home for the well being of your parents and your family. Because they feel much happy and take care of your children in all aspects. Children also wont feel lonely.

2. Spend some time for your chidren in your day-to-day plan. They need your care atleast for some time in a day.

3. Have an eye on your child's activities, their friends and especially when they are surfing on internet. So, that you can protect them from unwanted things on internet.

4. Educate your child to say no to anyone who touches them in your absence, even though they may be close relatives for their safety.

5. Dont shout (or) fight infront of children, since it may affect them psychologically. 

6. There is no one in this world educate your children like you. Everyday they are watching and replicating you. So, speak good things infront of them, behave well, respect elders and have good habits. If you follow these things everyday in your life, I am damn sure your child will grow up as a well behaving responsible citizen in this world.

Father and mother are the roots of this family tree. If you people support your children in their goals, their passion, and guide them not only as a parent but also as a friend towards the right path to lead their life, they will never go wrong in their life and make you people proud forever. So, that our nation will grow up as a well developed country with best talents having moral values and as a responsible person having concern for their fellow citizen.

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