Relationship is a feeling of emotion between two people or families. Communication is the only medium to maintain the long lasting relationship. Everyone knew this fact but no one follows it because of their ego. This is the main cause of breaking of any relationship whose impact is shown to coming generations. However, it is not difficult to maintain relations but for this understanding between the two must be very strong. Here are some best tips that must be followed to avoid cleavage of relationships.

Never Hesitate to Communication:- As it is mentioned above that the main cause of relations breaking is is lacking of communication. Therefore, you must always try to communicate with your elders or younger at least once in a week. This will make your bonding strong and you'll definitely get a response from other side in hardly few months. In fact, other side will realize his or her fault in lack of communication and will give you a best reward of your positive effort in bringing lost relationship once again into happier track.
Always Respect One Another Feeling:- Disrespect of feelings is another major cause of relations cleavage. Many times it may happen that you didn't receive respect of you personal feelings related to any issue from other side or vice versa. Under such condition, you just need to stay calm and accept their wish because your opposing may hurt their feelings. However, you're free to express your feeling towards such matter only when you feel assure of acceptance of your feeling.

Always say Sorry:- The word “Sorry” is really a magical word that removes all the defects present in the hearts. You must show a sign of modesty to other side by saying sorry on your mistake or mistake from other side. In fact, if you say sorry to real culprit of that mistake, he or she will realize your modesty and will promise you to never do such mistake again.

These are the small factors which are responsible for breaking and making of relationships. I hope that your positive attitude will make you modest to your friends, family members and relatives in future.

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