Bedroom is one of the most important places in our home. This is the place that we always like most to be get relaxed. We always like to keep our bedroom attractive. We will be in tension, if we see our bedroom in disorder. Sometimes, it will lead to lose our mood and energy also. So it is very essential to keep our bedroom an attractive place. 

Here are some steps that of course will help you to keep our bedroom more beautiful and attractive.

1.The colour of the bedroom is very important. Light colours are always suitable for bedrooms. If you give light colour to your bedroom, it will look like a big room. You can choose a colour according to your interest. Select a colour that you and your partner like very much. To get more attraction, try to use pillows, curtains and bed sheet in same colour. If you want you can decorate your room with wall papers also.

2. Keep a bad-lamp inside your bedroom to get dim-light throughout night. Bed-lamps are available in beautiful designs. Designed lamps increase the beauty of the bed room.

3. Bed linen in satin or silk gives rich look to the bed room. Keep so many pillows with different sizes and shapes on the bed. Pillows in contrast colours are very beautiful for your bedroom. Always keep your bed sheet and bed linen clean and tidy. Do not use bed and bedroom as a place for eating food. 

4. Do not keep television and computer inside your bedroom. Bedroom is not the place for enjoyment. Use bedroom for resting and sleeping. 

5. Inside the bedroom, facility to hear music is mandatory. Music is the best  medicine to avoid stresses and tensions. It can lead us to sound sleep. The collection of your favorite songs should be reachable to your hands. 

6. Always arrange your bedroom. Keep things in the correct place. Do not keep old magazines, news-papers, unnecessary bills and dirty clothes in any place of your bedroom. Storage facility is needed to keep all these things. If there is an open shelf in your bedroom, put a curtain in front of it. Do not exhibit so many photos and trophies for public view. 

7. Do not use bed as the only sitting place inside the bedroom. Make a sitting area in one corner of the bedroom to read books, drinking coffee and telling jokes. 

8. Decorated candles can give good look to your bedroom. Candles are available in cheap rate. Use fragrant candles to get good smell inside the bedroom. 

9. You can decorate your bedroom with wall hangings. Natural as well as artificial plants are available in the market for home decoration. Use such plants to increase the beauty of your bedroom. 

10. Always keep your bedroom attached wash room neat and clean. Ventilation is very necessary for your bedroom to breath fresh air. 

People always like neat and beautiful places to spend their time. They usually refuse those places that are untidy. If we give little care, we can make each part of our home an attractive place. 

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