I remember very clearly three years ago when I bought my pet. Ever since that day, those white fluffy furs and cute little red eyes of my dear white mouse still hovers around my eyes and mind. The first time I saw her in the pet shop and instantly, I made the decision of bringing her home. I held her my hands and put her in the new house where she slept for three lovely years. Everyone at my home welcomed her as she sniffed every member in my family. I introduced her to all my friends, relatives and anyone who would come home. She made a lot of new friends as she was very calm in nature and caring. She was friendly and peaceful while she caressed my hands. I made a small amusement park for her to play in and a house made up of wood. I filled her house with sand once and she didn't like the presence of sand.

Gradually as days passed by, she became a part of my family and now, I miss her. I have been in a companionship with my lovely white mouse for three years. The journey of those three years were very pleasant and memorable. I can not forget her. I remember everything about her with clarity. The way she used to move her whiskers and sniffing with her nose when she would sense some food. She would keep her small arms on my hand and feel secure besides me. It just a moment in our live that we are destined to experience whether we like it or not. A few hours ago, I lost her forever and she left me behind with eyes full of tears and a sad face. Although, it has just been few hours since she died but it is hard for me to digest this simple truth that she is no more.

I will always miss her the way she used to touch my hands while she walking over me. Our fixed routine of feeding her twice a day and playing with her. But for the past two months, I have been very busy with my own schedule. It was not possible for me to give attention to her that she deserved. I feel guilty for not being with her in her last days. She looked fine and healthy, yesterday and all of suddenly, in the morning, she got sick. She was not able to walk properly and I was trying to help her but I failed . I feel guilty for not giving her time in her last two months but I couldn't anticipate that today would be her last day.

She was not eating her food in the morning and I was trying to feed her. I felt something was wrong and I was trying to figure out ways to make her feel good and happy. Before I could do anything after researching about her illness. She met her last breathe and it was the first experience to watch any person die for me. I saw her dying in front of me and losing her consciousness. She was making weird noises to attract my attention when I would look away from her as if she was trying to say good bye before going away from me. While thinking about it when I am alone, I can't control my tears and sadness due to my great loss. While sitting in my room alone when I look at the small house I built for her to play in and I realize now that she won't be there to play in it. I wish I could bring her back.

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