Very often you are confused, ‘Am I in love? Or is it just infatuation?’ It happens when someone appears ‘more than a friend’ to you and normally of opposite sex. That person is someone so special giving you a lot of happiness when you think of that person. He or she may be different from others and the way he/she deals with you make you feel so. Romance opens before you a new world somewhat like a wonderland or a piece of magic wonder trick. Romance has a lot of advantages and breakups gives a lot of pains too. Yet someone is falling in love with someone, each moment the world is moving forward. At the same time we are witnessing a lot of breakups too. What are the advantages of romance? Through this article, let me explain a few plus points of romance and love. 

Romance gives you someone who cares and loves you a lot

It’s not possible that we fall in love with every person we meet. It happens only once in a while and when it happens assure you have chosen the best for you. ‘Chosen the best’ doesn’t mean your lover the most perfect person in the world. It simply implies you have chosen the best for you. 

Every one can’t dream of the most beautiful girl or the most handsome guy in his/her life. Most important is that you two can stay together forgetting all those defects and understanding the limitations of the partner. 

It’s really a pleasing moment when we find someone who cares and loves us a lot. When both have kept the promise of being together whole throughout the life the relation has progressed towards the second stage. 

A wonderful person to share everything with

It’s really nice to get someone in life with whom we can share everything – both happiness and sorrows. If he is able to understand it with true means and comfort whenever necessary or do helps to face those difficulties he is a true partner. If we are in company of such a person we can live secure free of all tensions. 

Romance gives extra responsibilities towards life

Till yesterday you might be an irresponsible person, thinking nothing about the future or future savings. But a day of love can change your whole perspectives totally. You begin to think about future, become a disciplined person than before and begins to dream about a good tomorrow.

Special happiness that nothing can be replaced with it

True love gives you eternal happiness and nothing in this world can replace that wonderful emotion. You begin to see world through a new pair of eyes and everything appears new. You begin to understand the true meanings of love and find it in someone else eyes. True love is sacrifice and happiness of the person whom we love most – you understand this simple logic of love only after love has happened to you. 

Changing bad habits

Some people may quit smoking or drinking. Some become more responsible. Some become calmer while communicating with others. Some people began to think positive about life, future and career. Some aims high to see happiness in someone else eyes. You may be wondering how such things happen. It’s the magic of love. Sincere love can change a beast to a human. Same way, its failure can lead to depression and even suicide. They are just contradictory like either sides of the same coin. Both are present in a relationship and we can’t avoid anyone. 

Love makes life more secure

Till yesterday you may have less cared about your life and future. But the day when you feel someone has entered your life, you will leave that reckless life style opting for a secure one to keep both, you and your partner happy and secure always. You may even start new savings too. These are all positive effects of a love relationship.

Better to start a family with someone we like/know

Instead of starting a new life with a stranger, it’s always to have a known person in your life. Romance opens such an opportunity for you. So, choose the best person and think several times before committing. When you have that special person with you always life is like a happy and pleasant dream. It’s always better to start a life with someone after knowing at least a little about him.

Choosing someone we like

Our parents, siblings and relatives are just happening to us and we can’t control their outcomes. But we can choose our friends and life partner as we wish. Every person has certain dreams about his/her future husband/wife. If those dreams appear real while seeing a person it’s better to choose him/her as life partner. When you choose a dress or accessory of your choice you would like to wear them repeatedly. But if someone else chooses it for us according to their taste, we may or may not like it. Then why are we hesitating when it comes to choosing a right life partner? Believe in the best and choose the apt one to get the real fruit of success of a relationship. Relations are to be ever- lasting ones and can’t be changed like dresses. So, it’s better to take wiser decisions taking a lot of time. When we choose someone we like, we can’t complain to the life for the wrong choice given to us, that’s the advantage.

Love at first sight

Some people do believe in love at first sight while some others don't. It depends on each person's view. For some people, love at first sight is just a sight. But it's to be noted that many life long relationships have started due to simple events, more strange than even fairy tales. So, you can believe that love can happen in one moment or two too. 

So, let me conclude

New relations help you to reach new heights each time. We can’t live solely depending on ourselves; we need someone else with whom we can share everything. We want a reserved person who loves us more than anyone else. When you fall in love, you are finding such a person who sacrifices everything for us and care us more than anyone and with whom life is a wonderful experiment when each moment shared becomes beautiful. In short words, life becomes beautiful in the company of the person we love! Retain it so till the end of life waiting for more surprise packets in future. 


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