It is extremely necessary to take care of yourself. Only when you enjoy a good relationship with yourself, you can enjoy a good relationship with others. Now, having a good relationship with yourself is possible only when you learn to feel good about yourself. There are various ways by which you can feel good and proud about yourself and this involves in taking care of your body, mind, and emotions.

Taking Care of Your Body

To feel proud about yourself  you must first feel proud of your body and this is possible only through a fit and healthy body. Push your body little more everyday and push in a little less. In other words, work out and little more and eat a little less. Eat a balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet refers to adding various colours to your food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, nuts, etc. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. Spending at least one hour a day to exercise will ensure that your body will give its best for the rest 23 hours. 

in fact, the combination of right food and sufficient exercise will bring abundance of health for the rest of your life.

Taking Care of Your Mind

Taking care of your mind is to feel good about yourself and to have positive thoughts. When do you feel good about yourself? When you do things which you think you will not be able to do, you have a sense of achievement, which in turn makes you feel good about yourself. You may take will power drives to stay away from your obsessive habits and to do the things that you do not like. This will build a strong will power and determination in you. Other ways to have a powerful mind are to have the courage to be different from the crowd, to speak good about others, to learn to appreciate others and to accept when others appreciate you, etc. All these will build your mind power by making you feel very proud about yourself and enjoy a good relationship with yourself.

Taking Care of Your Emotions

Training your mind and feeling good about yourself itself would greatly contribute to have control over your emotions. In addition, if you can practice some meditation and breathing exercises to calm your mind, you will have absolute control over your emotions and reactions to situations in the longer run. 


It is highly important for you to concentrate on your holistic development rather than concentrating only on one aspect. When all these are taken care, you are sure to get to the higher step of spiritual experiences in life.

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