Love yourself

I think loving yourself is a nice idea but once you exceed your limits then perhaps you are moving towards self infatuation or on the verge of being an arrogant.  I feel being a self infatuated is reason to inspire which directly or indirectly possess with lots of foolish passions with factors which have no reasoning. And it is matter of consideration how bad it could be if it is combined with arrogance in that case one can only imagine his situation in the society.

I have always believed that we must learn to accept ourselves with all our good qualities and mistakes at the same time as there is nothing like perfection in human. We all know very well that it’s good to put our efforts for improvement which is necessary for our progress. But if we constantly insert our thoughts on others by telling them about our achievements or failures that will not help your cause but people will avoid your company.

However there is no doubt about the fact that an arrogance person is almost always a self infatuated person and as the things stand he refuse to accept others’ view points but what he feels or says is final. They find nothing to their satisfaction but fail to realize that the problem is lies in their own outlook and not with others. For them it makes no difference whether they register their concerns loudly or keeping them in their minds but the fact remains that they are not prepared to accept anything against their own thinking.  

However, they forget a simple fact that their life is all about exploring into new things throughout the life and some of the thinking go out of context and may have no understanding with present situation. The world is changing at a rapid rate each day so it’s better to change with the changing world otherwise you will find yourselves out of the circulation.

If you love me- forgive to forget. 

But that's not human nature, not in most cases and you should not read much between the lines. Everyone knows that to discover love one must forgive others’ faults because if you keep pointing a finger on others faults that will never make you comfortable. The best way to love others is to tolerate mistakes of your friends and loved ones. 

Actually, we have two sets of specs for looking at things. We use different pairs for looking at others happiness or our own difficulties. But the result is always the same- we always see their joys and our own sorrows, nothing positive in our own account.  If you look back and see that you were fighting for nothing and perhaps you could have avoided a serious argument reaching to a better result. The best way to solve a problem is to forgive and forget. But make sure to draw a line where you could snap the ties if you ever reached to that point. 

Actually, most matters we keep discussing are not that serious but we make them complicated. We all know that a fool discloses his secrets at the first instance while making arguments but a clever guy keeps his secrets and remains quite. That perhaps helps him reach to more success in life. But most of us never try to understand this simple point. We are not the only ones who are facing all these problems and the matter does not end here but we try to take advantage of our problems by gaining the sympathy from others. 

Our problem is that we never stop thinking about all our troubles which prevents us from coming out of negative feelings. Actually we should avoid talking about our problems with others and if must talk about them we should talk to persons willing to listen us. And the most important point is that we should never exaggerate them in order to gain their sympathy which makes problems look bigger. 

Finally it is better to get out of it

What? Get out of it but why. There is this simple reason- If one feels they are losing interest in their partner it's better to buy them a parting gift There is a simple reason behind my philosophy as I keep hearing people talking about losing interest in their love life. 

They no longer want to see each other although there is nothing wrong. Neither of them has done any wrong that will bring bad taste in the relationship but the only reason to be exact, they are not made for each other. 

No, I never said any of them asked me for a solution but if they do, my suggestion will be to get separated. If there is no reason to stay with each other it is good reason in itself to not to stay with each other. Don't you think it's better to be honest with yourself?

 Why do you want to stay in a relation if your heart and mind are not in the relationship, there is no use wasting your time or your partner's for that matter.

I suggest the simple rule. Maybe it will heart for a while, but if you don't love them, leave them, on your way. If it's over, it's over, you will be thankful in the end you took a decision at the right time, you can’t help it but go find someone else. Move before it turns sour, bad and hurtful. 

I don’t want to push my views on you but that’s what I would have thought and moved in that direction as there is no fun pulling on with a relation that has already gone sore beyond repair and now you and your partner are doing nothing but living on. 


Now what I am going to say will sound confusing to you but the fact is some men do not do all this to all the women. Already confused, but then not all the women want all the men doing all this to all the women. And why do you expect males to do these things for you, are you not a strong independent person? I’m aware things are not equal in some cases but equality starts with equal treatment and respect.

But is that really living on or would you call it pulling on? It’s better to get out of it. Absence of once loved ones certainly takes the best out of you where love is the subject but can you really help it? 

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