China has made long strides in the field of manufacture and industry to military power. It has also developed deep pockets. China has a lot of surplus cash to donate to needy countries. It is hard to reconcile that in 1948, not even a bicycle was made in China but now it has even launched a Spaceman into Orbit around the earth.  China is also manufacturing utility items and items that help in birth control and prevention of disease. China manufactures condoms which are distributed all over the world. 

Zimbabwe and AIDS

WHO and UNAIDS  have bought hundreds of thousands of condoms from China for distribution in Africa. One of the countries where China has sent condoms is Zimbabwe. This country forms part of South Eastern Africa and is in dire need of healthcare. It is one of the countries which is beset by AIDS. As per WHO almost 13.5% of the population is HIV positive. This is a huge number and the sad news is that 40000 new cases are coming up every year. It is also known that a condom is the best defense against the spread of sexually related diseases. The population in Zimbabwe is greatly infected because of unprotected sex.

Condoms and AIDS

Condoms address a vital necessity in Zimbabwe but unfortunately, the physical structure of the African Negro is much bigger than the Chinese race. The Chinese have been manufacturing condoms generally keeping their size mind. It has been pointed out by African men that the Chinese made condoms are too small. At a function in Harare on AIDS awareness, the Zimbabwe Health Minister made a  public announcement that condoms manufactured in China are "too small" for Zimbabwe men. He expressed the view that it would be better, in case the condoms are manufactured in Zimbabwe itself. This view of the health minister of Zimbabwe is echoed in South Africa by the Health Minister also, who has said that Chinese made condoms do not fit the African male.

The human race which evolved over a billion years has a different structure in size and weight all over the world. The Chinese come under the Oriental race and are basically smaller in size than the African Negro race. it stands to reason that the penis of the Chinese men would be smaller than the African men. This is a reason that the Chinese made condoms are proving to be too small for the African men.

Chinese condoms

The Chinese are a dedicated and versatile people and they have taken note of the criticism by the Zimbabwe Health Minister. They have accordingly started a study regarding the size of the condoms for the African men. The chief of the Chinese manufacturing company has said that China will send a fresh lot of condoms for African men.

Tribal culture

Zimbabwe for long was a Colony of the United Kingdom. it was earlier known as Rhodesia after the great explorer Cecil Rhodes. After gaining Independence from England the local African leadership changed the name to Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, though they changed the name of the country they could not change tribal cultures. This culture accepts something close to free sex and is the main reason for a rapid spread of AIDS in this sub-Saharan country. Zimbabwe has the highest incidence of AIDS outside the sub-Saharan Nations. South Africa also has a high incidence of AIDS. It is generally known that the spread of AIDS virus is not only because of unprotected sex but also because of frequent change of partners. This is part of the tribal culture but it has the flip side that sex-related diseases like AIDS have spread beyond imagination.The condom remains the most effective method to control the spread of AIDS. Researchers have found that the condom is 90% effective in controlling the spread of the disease. India also is very much in the same boat and as per WHO statistics, India has the largest number of AIDS patients in the world. This is certainly not a very happy news

 The sub-Saharan group of countries and the Countries Of South Eastern Africa have a high incidence of rape also and this needs to be curtailed. The Muslim countries of North Africa are however relatively free from the scourge of AIDS and rape. The spread of AIDS has been more like a bushfire and during the last 3 decades as per WHO statistics the number of infected patients in East Africa has shot up by 50%.


Zimbabwe would certainly be worried about the spread of the disease and as the condom is the main source of its prevention it is imperative that proper size condoms be made available for African men. It must be understood that tribal culture cannot be changed and the culture of having multiple partners is not going to end. The only source of controlling the disease is to start a massive health education program and convince the African whale to make use of condoms.


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