One day I saw that my seven years old son was making a doll with some cotton and gum. As I knew that there was no activity homework from school at that time. Then I was very curious to know why he was making it? I asked him the cause and he replied that he was making it for one of his friend who was a special kid. The whole class made a plan some gifts to present him on his birthday. His friend was not able to speak or hear. So, to make him happy they decided to do something to make him happy.

Seeing him doing such a work, my eyes filled with tears. My son never shared anything even with his younger sister but then he was ready to share the toys to make a child happy. This incident made me proud of my son.

Some facts:

We all know we stay in a society and we should have some social duties towards others. Same way we are also dependent on others in many circumstances. It should be our duty to help others to make them happy. We get to see on road that a child is helping an old to cross a busy road. We should also leave our seat on bus or train to a old person or help them in the market to carry any heavy bags. They deserve this duty from us.

At home we often see that our grand parents are becoming unable to hear or see properly. So it is our duty to help them in their day to day activities.

Role of children:

Children play an important role regarding sensitivity towards others. They learn everything from house. They learn from our activities. If we are ready to help others at home or in society then the children are ready to help others.

Now something about the language used by disabled persons:

There is a language called sign language. It is a organized system to help those who can not speak or hear. One Spanish Monk first helped some deaf people to learn. His name was Pedro de ponce. Latter one another Spanish wrote a book to learn for such disabled persons. This book was the first book which contained some manual letters or alphabets. This system is regulating still now.

Sign language shows some finger movements also, which means some alphabets and used together to mean some words. Some dumb and deaf people are also given training to make some sound and leaf movement to communicate with others.

Role of society:

The disabled person may be hearing impaired or blind, deserve our help and sympathy and not our pity. The dumb and deaf people can not speak but can see with their eyes. A blind person can not see but can speak. It is said that normally this type of people are more talented and intelligent as compared to others. They can learn more quickly if they get help from others. So we and the whole society should have some duties to help them. Try to respect them and help them whenever they need it from you.

Some points to develop sensitivity towards others:

  1. We should respect our elders and help them in their day to day activities.
  2. Make your mind ready to help any disabled person as per your ability.
  3. We should not give any negative comments about any one’s disability.
  4. We should respect other religions, castes, languages etc.
  5. We should talk politely to our elders as well as to our younger, even to servant also. Our children follow us and act according to us in future.
  6. Always share in any good activities at home and sometimes in society like blood donation camp or eye operation camp.
  7. We should have sympathy towards poor, disabled and to those who are sick and are suffering from any serious diseases.

Difference between earlier times and modern times:

In earlier times parents thought and believed that such disabled person would not be able to learn anything. They also thought that this might be a punishment of God. Some children were forced to beg and some were sent to a camp. But now situation has changed. It is proved that with the help of sign languages, they can also be given education. If they are guided properly they may act as a normal citizen.

Role of Government:

There is a provision in our constitution to ensure that every child should be educated. There is also an act to provide free education, clothes, and books for them. Government is trying to improve the condition, but still the result is not satisfactory.

There are some organizations also, which are working hard to provide them some facilities so that they can get proper education to be a self dependent citizen. There are many schools which provide free education, clothes, books and meals to these socially disabled children.

Conclusion: let us join hands to give them a smile on their face. Thus we can make a stronger and equal society. Remember,” Unable is not the meaning of disabled”.

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