Respect for women

We have more than 30 days in the name of different Goddesses especially Goddess Durga who is worshipped as Goddess of courage and power for women who killed many demons, which shows the respect that our country has for women. That is a fact that we bow our heads in front of idols and statues of different goddesses as our religion teaches us to respect women in her different role as a mother, sister, wife or daughter. However the truth is not the same as we are used to disrobe a girl when we see her on the roads not only physically but with our eyes as a member here put it rightly ‘the girl is an eye's candy’ for most of us. We do not feel ashamed while doing so because most of us think that a woman is for this purpose only unless she is our own mother, daughter or sister not taking into account for a moment that our own sisters, daughters and mothers also go out on the roads.

It is not just the case of a girl, who was raped brutally in Delhi last month but innumerable cases taking place in almost every city of almost every part of our country barring a very rare few. Most cases of such rape cases never surface because most girls and their parents have no courage to face the society, courts and police stations where they treat a rape victim and her parents as if they were the real culprit and the burden of proving herself not guilty invariably falls on victim and her parents. She finds it hard to live in the society as her ‘so-called honor’ was the ultimate treasure, which she has lost, her chastity lost means that she is no more a respected woman any more. Unless we are not going to light a candle of change within ourselves there is no way any thing would change in this regard, nothing is going to happen. We shall have to light the flame high up if we want to see the change in the way the justice is done at a faster rate and the culprits brought to book immediately and sentenced to sever punishment.

Our image is at stake

It is making a big effect on our image overseas, this is not only we, who are asking questions from our governments and officials and protesting against them to bring justice to public of this country. Our very image is on stake and the status that we enjoy at social, industrial and economical level is at the verge of vanishing due to such shameful incidents taking place so frequently in this country. Countries like China, United States of America, United Kingdom, France etc have taken a strict stance on this subject and France even officially stated that this is matter of shame not only for India but for the entire world. 

America thinks that the incidents of rapes in India have brought reality to surface about the value of women in Indian society. This also discloses the way Indians behave with their women at their homes and it only displays the darker side of Indians’ mentality at the world level. America and Britain have issued advisories to their tourists visiting India to be careful and do not stay in India longer than necessary. The tourists are warned to leave immediately after finishing their work to avoid getting involved in any untoward incident. What a shame for this country! Now rapists are considered as big a danger as terrorists used to be. These advisories would certainly bring India’s reputation and economy ratings down.  

Women in our country feeling insecurity

The rapes have brought a bad effect on the work productivity of our country especially women working in IT and BPO sector where working long hours are involved and women have to work in shifts. This trend has not only effected women in NCR region where the most such cases have surfaced but women in Pune, Ahemadabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Dehradun, Jaipur etc are also feeling the impact. Most women do not want to stay in their work places after sunset to reach home timely to avoid any unpleasant incident. Some of the women employees have even served notice to their employers, as they are no more interested to continue their jobs due to insecurity.

You cannot expect results unless you punish them to teach them a proper lesson and not only to them but to others as well who find molestation, teasing or rape a fun game for them. We should have strict action and with immediately to serve the purpose of instigating the sense of fear into such persons. We should start punishing them harshly as soon as possible and while I am writing this here, news from South Korea is coming about how they have punished an accused of child abuse by chemical castration. The person found guilty has been sentenced for fifteen years of jail term and during this period he shall be on drugs, which will end his sexual desires. This should not be a difficult act to pass in our country also besides giving them death sentence if a case found heinous or somewhat rare of its kind or the victim dies during the act. We shall have to see to it that most such crimes are committed by people, who influence police, witnesses and judiciary with their money and muscle powers, they should not be allowed to do so under any circumstances.  

Finally I would like to request the women who feel that this is solely the duty of the society to protect them, they are right up to some extent but they shall have to come forward to protect themselves and serve their cause in a better way. They should learn some self-protective arts to defend themselves and behave in a way that no one even brings in his mind about thinking bad about them. I hope things would change for good to see that our women can walk freely with their heads high in this society. 

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