A school is a place where we will learn. We get a lot of friends there. We can learn a lot of things.  The school life must be very good. A few students in school behave the wrong way. We may the senior students. We should not harm the Junior students. You should not bully them. You should not harass them. It is a bad practice. We should treat them like our younger brothers. Then only good relation will continue. 

There have been many horrible events. Such things should not happen. Several boys lost their lives because of ragging. The fellow students were cut off from other medical students because of ragging. It ruined the lives of everyone involved. Our aim should be studies only. We should not refrain with others. 

It upsets mind as well as body. It makes all the trouble. Is ragging necessary? We make good conversations. Love can develop. Nobody tells not to speak with other fellow students. 

Known things you can share with them. School is a place for learning the best education. All students are equal. Nobody is inferior, likewise nobody is superior. No one themselves, not to think the highest. 

Intention to harass is formed only when thinking themselves to be higher. It is a wrong attitude. School is the only place for our future development. Students of the future pillars of this country. The construction of pillars in school and college. 

We should be role models for others. Students who engaged in bullying others should change their attitude. These actions will create hatred and hostility. Even juniors may scare to talk with seniors because of these kind of activities. 

The school administration should take varies measures to prevent these kind of activities and ragging. Severe penalties and punishments will be able to control it through. Such penalties will create the impression of not to do such wrong things. 

This led to a growing community. Parents teach their children good advice, to lead them in a good way. This article originated in the hope of a better society. We have to work it. 

Students ... Ponder. To change. Good changes, better your future. Now I leave you, with another article I will meet you soon. 

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