A philosopher says the world is a big airplane. It is travelling without sound. We are in constant motion. We are travelling the universe. We cannot realize since childhood we are traveller. The earth is a career. It does not think of the rise of population. It does not tax more in populous countries like China and India. It treats every traveller the same way. All earth persons have equal rights in travelling the universe with Earth. Earth never compares between fat and thin persons. She gives equal status to each citizen of earth. The earth is not complaining about increase of fatness of people at large. Without any sign of complain, Earth is carrying all people with equal weightings.

Airlines career should learn this trait from Earth. They should have learned the tenderness given to us from Earth. Without complaint earth is carrying us and travelling us all over the universe. Airline careers are planning to earn more on overweight people. Partiality towards certain class of citizens is not good. In this approach, we are telling obese people as ugly and bulky. This is not satisfactory manner on the part of concerned airlines. They are made to climb on weighing machines in front of other co travellers. In this manner, we are offending them.

Many argue prime reason for bulkiness is our life style. Way lives of unnatural life throughout the day are responsible for this. We eat junk foods. We hardly exercise. This means that the comforts in our life are the primary cause for the increase of weight. It is not true in all cases. In 2008, Mainz University of Germany researched that there are fat people who have debts, poor and sad. They eat junk foods, which are cheaper than healthy foods. This shows that the cause of bulkiness among persons is not limited to food and state of mind. There is more to this. Researchers from Imperial College of London say the gene namely MC4R is responsible for bulkiness of people.

Probably this gene is predominant in Indians. The question here arises, should one be blamed and charged higher while travelling through airlines, only due to fault on the part of one’s genes? We cannot control the walking process of genes. Should we blame for this? How can an airline career demand more money, owed to this God given attribute? How can they demand more money from passengers on the basis of their bulkiness?

There are strict rules for luggage by airlines careers. Some limit it to 40kg. If one has onekg more than this stipulated amount, has to forcefully remove some of his essential luggage from there. They weigh the luggage as if they are weighing gold. Now, persons will be weighed on weighing machines. If one weighs more than the stipulated amount, airlines career cannot remove any limbs from him. What they are going to do is to charge higher for bulkier people. Airlines career argues they cannot reduce the weight of individuals, so they are charging more of these passengers who are bulkier than others.

This is unhappy news for Indians. According to the Organization for economic co-operation and development, which predominantly in the regions of Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia and South Africa says from research, China is number one in overweight people and India is not far behind with it. This research was based on the period 1998 to 2005. Indian males are more bulky than their female counterpart. The weight gain by the Indian male is 18 percentages. The weight gain of Indian females is 14 percentages. Both India and China are populous countries, so the problem of weight gain will be on the higher side and one day it can be close to a catastrophic situation.

Samoa Airlines is a foreign company. It applies these rules to passengers. We are worried about this. On the other hand, our own national career Air India, formerly Indian Airlines, removed nine air hostesses with one month advance salary on the ground of their weight gain. Air hostesses lost the case at the court of justice. The weight of 18 years old air hostess should be less than 50kg. The air hostesses who are in their twenties should be less that 56kg. Through out India, these rules are in application to most airlines careers. So, far these rules are not here at Odisha airlines careers. No one knows, at any time, these rules can be in application in airlines careers generating from Odisha.

In reality, many people dream of touring to distant countries. They constitute many hopes and aspirations to have a productive life while reaching to unfriendly countries. It is a sad state of affair that day by day journey through air lines has become costlier. According to Government of India notification in April 2013, passengers carrying meals, snacks, check in baggage, air lines longer, sports utilities, musical instruments have to pay more while travelling with airlines careers. One has to pay more for his customizable seat inside airlines career. One has to pay more for taking more materials inside check in baggage. Due to recent economic slows down, airlines industries are facing stiff financial challenges. They are trying hard to recover from this by increasing passenger fares in different ways.

More worries, come in the form that, after spending so much on luggage, one has to pay more for weight gain. In April 2013, Samoa Airlines introduced this payment system, and it is expected that all over the world all the airlines will soon follow this trend. This is really a shameful to implement such payment system.

Indians are purely religious. They blindly follow their respective religions with pure hearts. People go to temple with some thinking and for this they offer Lord various fruits and make fast in order to fulfil their wishes. In modern times, worshipping of Lord changes to the wishes of pilgrims. Many people feel that. Overseas jobs are good and can earn their loads within the shortest possible time. They want to leave India. Airlines carriers are more rife than water routes to reach distant countries. There are airplane temples customized for these pilgrims, who reach here to fulfil their instant wishes.

One such temple is at Jalandhar of Punjab. Big rows of crowds reach here to fulfil their foreign destinations. They offer Lord, as changed colour aeroplanes as offerings. Nearer to these temples, there are numerous shops relates with aeroplane toys. People believe that by offerings these to temple, visa to unfamiliar countries clears by authorities in short duration. By visiting temples, they believe that difficulties in distant journeys will be erases permanently. At the downtown nearer to Hyderabad, first visa temple constructed in India. Second visa temple is constructed near underdeveloped reasons of Telangana.

In this country, where everything relates with Lord of Universe, increase of moderate price hike on flimsy grounds like weight of persons is wholly undesirable and unwanted. It is high time airline careers think broad and think about people. Earning profits should not be one statement that carriers pursue all the time. It is service of humanity that will make their most revered and followed airline career of all the time. They should not think beyond passenger welfare. Otherwise in the history there were numerous giant airlines companies had to close down due to lack of support from passengers.

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