Dress code determines the beauty of man. Everyone wants to wear good and beautiful dresses. Youth pay more attention on the dressing style. Their dressing sense is more than other age group people. And the same time it is the responsibility of parents to guide and suggest their children about how decently wearing dresses.

The dress code for college students have been implemented in Tamilnadu by college education director Sentamilselvi. Parents gave their full support for this dress code announcement. The opposition to this dress code started by the college students. Private colleges already implemented this dress control for college students. It is not a new thing for Tamilnadu.

According to the dress code, students should not wear jeans, sleeveless, leggings and T-shirt. Students can wear Chuddidhar and Saree. Students suggest the dress code is unnecessary. The opinion of the students about the dress code is reactionary. They are expressing it is unnecessary. The opinion of the students is "Student has to choose what clothes to wear and what not to wear". Indian Students Association has announced that the ordering should be removed immediately. Otherwise we can start protesting against the dress code with immediate effect. It is the announcement of Indian students association.

The dress code is very necessary among the college students. Students should not ready to oppose all things. Good things to be appreciated. Students can pay more attention to studies because of the dress code. Students should realize this. The essential thing is decent clothing.

Students, better to avoid wearing tight clothes. We should not necessarily be due to disturbance of others in mind. Mind to focus on the good things.
As uniforms in schools, colleges dress code control is necessary. Follow the dress code and give happiness to parents and teachers. Not only for their happiness, it is the very best thing to avoid unnecessary happenings. Live well and serve well for the society.

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  1. Xavier Bage

It brings discipline and decorum in the college, which are helpful in keeping the atmosphere conducive for education. Thanks Mary, for the wonderful post.

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