Woman is trying her best 

Women are doing equally well in the present era and they are proving their worth in every field. They are not merely going to college for obtaining a degree but they have a close look at the job market as well. To achieve success, women are doing their best, because they know that to compete with men they have to pass through the same or even tougher tests. And, they are proving it beyond any doubt that they are no lesser talented. The feminist are still not accepting it but it is very much visible that women are successfully proving their worth in every field, which was considered man oriented until recently. You can see the changes clearly by increasing number of women in every field including heavy engineering, aviation, medicine, army and administration. Today, skill is important it does not matter whether it is in a man or woman. Women are proving as qualified in most cases as their men counterparts. But there are certain reasons which are keeping them behind, let us look at them- 

The social and economical reasons 

Women have proved their worth in every field but their success is limited to metros and bigger cities due to unavailability of job opportunities in towns and village level jobs. It is not that women are not coming out for higher education from towns, villages and smaller cities but the number of such women is comparatively far lesser than desired. There are certain social and economical reasons for lesser participation of women in advanced career management. 

In rural and semi urban areas, girls are still not on preference list of parents for higher education. Despite girls being equally intelligent parents are more concerned about boys compared to their daughters. It is one of the reasons that is keeping girls behind despite they are doing better in the field of education compared to their brothers. 

More reasons stopping them from being successful 

1- The lack of proper guidance is another factor that is keeping girls’ progress limited to education level and not taking them ahead especially in smaller towns and rural areas. They do not get proper information about job opportunities and higher education that is easily available to big city girls through national newspapers and internet. But, there is no doubt that the atmosphere is changing fast and women from all walk of life are coming in the main stream. The day is not far, when they will achieve what they rightly deserve.

2- Most women do not know their targets therefore they keep increasing number of their degrees without setting a proper goal for themselves. Moreover, this is happening despite unlimited opportunities, but unless a woman tries for her career right from the school college days. As, everyone is aware that women have fewer chances compared to their male counterparts, for a simple reason that women are still considered the homemakers first before anything else. 

3- A man can still study and try for jobs even after he is married but this is not possible for every woman because a woman is supposed to look after her family first. Therefore, the right strategy is to be prepared for a right career right from school or at most, college period. Most women (And I said most, not all) do not get a proper guidance from family but if they keep a close watch, there is no doubt that they can achieve better results. 

What is the basic problem?

Most women are not yet sure especially, in smaller towns and rural areas that they do not know about their options. They are willing to opt for a career but unable to pinpoint on one in particular. However, while choosing for a career option if you keep certain points in your mind your chances to get success are better. For instance, you should know every single detail of your prospective career before hand so that chances of failure become bare minimum. On the other hand, some of the jobs which you find yourself in, are far too inferior for your educational qualifications or maybe you find yourself not interested in that particular field. If the job satisfaction is not there, you will not be much of a success in that field. 

You must find your chosen career to your satisfaction otherwise, it will become as if there is a snake around your neck that you will fine hard to shake off. Therefore, you must keep a sharp eye on your options, so that you do not have to regret once you have joined in a particular field. If you are qualified for a batter career, why should you go for a job, which is not right for you. You should always be watchful throughout you career making period to select the right and what interests you most to reach to the top of your satisfaction level. 

What should a woman do?

Make bigger targets, set bigger goals, never settle for whatever comes your way easily but plan properly. You should make reading your habit and this is not about your course study but newspapers, career magazines, employment news, industrial developments, job opportunities related journals. If you have access to internet, surf related websites. Remember reading especially, the newspapers have complete knowledge based material including right from economics to glamour and space science to sports. So, making reading your habit will enhance your chances of a better career option. 

Try in private sector

Most women waste their opportunities trying for a government job, the fact is there are very few opportunities in government sector. But you stand better chance in private sector because it provides you a job based on your qualification. The chances have still better after the multi national companies have set their feet in our country. Since the private companies are trying to increase their business in various fields, the job opportunities too are increasing constantly. The best part of the private industry is that women do not have to face exploitation besides you get a proper chance to show your ability. 


If you have to make a right career for yourself then you must be prepared for it right from you school days. Select your subjects as per your future career but beware that mere BA, MA, B.Com, M.Com degrees are not going to help your cause therefore you must opt for professional degrees career oriented courses to support your cause.   

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