Ragging is one such word which spontaneously makes us think about educational institutions. It is a known fact that in colleges the first year students get ragged by their seniors. There are always two sides of a coin so is the case with the story about ragging in the educational institutions. Sometimes ragging is conducted by the seniors only to make the juniors introduce themselves in a very light-hearted manner. In the process all the students have some fun and later juniors and seniors become friends but there are immense cases which speak just the opposite. There are horrific tales of ragging which even caused death of the new entrants in the colleges especially the ragging that takes place in the hostels is always a matter of concern. It becomes very much physical that’s why parents and guardians remain afraid until they get to learn that their child had adjusted happily in the new educational environment.


The worst part is, ragging usually takes an embarrassing turn and even affects emotions as well as self-esteem of the ragged persons tremendously. I would say ragging is basically a curse that falls on the youths for simply no fault of theirs and it remains at the back of one’s mind throughout their lives but today I want to drift a bit and bring out some other relevant points related to ragging. Actually, ragging which means teasing is not only a part of our educational institutions be it in residential schools or colleges and students are not the only sufferers but many other sections of people get ragged each and every day in the society, family and world at large. They are just known by different names such as bullying, discrimination, untouchability and these are very much present in the society for the last so many decades. Listing down the points to substantiate my viewpoint:


1. Societal Discrimination: People get ragged on the basis of class, caste, clan, creed, and religion too. Many times the minorities are laughed at their faith, tradition and culture only to prove the supremacy of the majority. Isn't it ridiculous? How do these people acquire an upper hand and get the right to humiliate others. One can understand if someone tries to remove some superstition by pointing out the right factors in a decent manner but by passing indecent comments or gets physically violent then the incidents turn out to be very insulting and very infuriating too.


2. Eve teasing: It is another form of ragging. God created both male and female but I wonder how the eve teasers got into a notion that they are the supreme folks. They pass lewd comments and make degrading gestures. It does not end here rather some go further and indulge into molestation and rape. This humiliation is simply unbearable for the victims and even they refrain themselves from disclosing the truth in public.


3. Gender Bias: There are many families who never hesitate from making gender discrimination. Boy child is well treated and girl child is hurled with abuses. Even discrimination gets so worse that girl child gets ignored in terms of quality of food and various facilities such as education and many more. Such families do not mind to ignore the health issues of a girl child while a boy child is given utmost attention even at a very nominal health disorder.


4. Skin Colour: Ragging takes place even on the basis of complexion. There are some parents who differentiate between their own children due to the colour of the skin. Fair complexioned children receive more attention and love from their parents and other family members while the dark skinned children are made to feel left out.


It is always easy to blame someone but we never try to single out what made the person behave in an unruly manner. The families which opt to make discrimination of various kinds impact the children very deeply. Some children take it into their stride, some revolt vehemently, some bring it into action after a certain age and very few act against the odd practice and try to emphasize on making no discrimination.


Who can deny that the family is the first teacher of every child? It’s the fundamental truth that every child learns the basics of life from their parents and the immediate family at home. If the family preaches wrong principles of life through their wrongdoings then God save the children.


Upbringing is vital: If we want a safe and healthy atmosphere in educational institutions then the first and foremost change we need to bring is in our upbringing of our children. The parents and the immediate families are responsible on imparting good values to their children. Thus, the onus is upon the seniors to act very sensibly so that their children become sensible members of the society. Any kind of ragging at home should be stopped at any cost and I can assure that a high percentage of ragging at the college will see the dust. Most of the students are not hooligans only they are negatively channelled. So, a positive change in the family’s mindset will simply broaden their mindset too.


In our society ragging has been kept aside as if it’s only the matter of educational institutions so others have no responsibility towards it. But, that’s not the fact. Ragging is just an after-effect of all kinds of discrimination or bullying the child faces at home and in the society. Those students who take up ragging simply as a form of casual introduction is fine but those who make it an ego hassle then no one knows how far the situation can worsen. Thus, come on! Let’s curb ragging and give the upcoming generation a healthy student’s life.

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