So What Should We Do? 

Conflicts in between human nature and changes are a permanent feature and it’s never easy to decide how many changes should we accept and how many are forced on us. But we all feel in terms as if whatever is going on in our lives is not as per our choice. Here lies the basic problem as we wish to change but how much, is there a limit for a change or is there really a need of a change?

If you believe Dr. David DiSalvo, the famous writer and educationalist he feels living your life according to your choice you will have to change your nature. If you read his book “What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite”. I am quoting him-

“Since our brains are adept at finding and drawing conclusions from patterns, it's not surprising that coincidences captivate our attention.”David DiSalvo

Battle between your ideas and nature

If you think minutely you will feel that there goes a constant battle in between your ideas and nature and the need of change is never ever reached successfully. Then what is the right solution for such a case and that shakes our self-confidence. Actually when there is no perfect combination in between our nature and thoughts that prompt us for improvement we feel disappointed.

Let’s look at the problem from this angle. If we keep on changing ourselves at the slightest of suggestions coming from within us then it will be difficult to adjust with society and if we do not change our “self” will not let us live normally. It’s like walking on a double edged sword which is not an easy proposition.

So what should we do? The answer is, stay somewhere within your own normal and natural limit but without being too adamant. If you can bring positive changes without refusing to be persuaded or having to change your mind then there is no harm doing that if it can bring peace of mind for you. But it’s entirely your choice how much change you can accept easily.

So what should I do?

Have you ever gone through the situation when you gave your best for completing all necessities and doing everything required to finish your project but when the time came to submit your work you were informed that the requirements have been changed and you have to work again from the beginning on that particular project! Isn’t it a tough proposition?

Now look at another possibility of a failed project the person you were depending on for completion of a particular project but he withdrew his support at the very moment when you were expecting it least and you had no option but to give up your dream project.

 My question at this point is how do you react in any of the situations mentioned above? There is a short statement expressing a general truth the person that knows to smile instead of feeling dejected or getting angry has better chances of coming out of his problems from such a situation. The people who know how to face the complicated moments can always handle the situation in far better way. 

Life is not bed of roses

We all know the fact that life is not bed of roses but we have to face problems at every point whether at work or home. There is always a chance that we shall have to be prepared to cross a hurdle to reach to our desired destination changing according to circumstances.

 And when I say about changes I don’t mean to change our ideology but it’s all about our strategies. I agree we cannot change our circumstances immediately at the onset of any problem but we can certainly change our focus which provides us with new possibilities. 

Actually it all depends upon your mental and physical status and the fact that one does not learn to face problems overnight. Once you learn how to face the problems and the art of fighting with obstacles how not to lose your balance you will find yourself better prepared reaching to target even more easily. 

Aim of Your Life 

There is a very simple formula for living a happy life- ‘do not expect much from the life’.  But it’s easier said than practiced in real life. There will be no life without expectations. Nobody would want to work if it suits his life style. But is it really necessary to live a life full of expectations which you’re unable to achieve? 

If you feel living a stress free life is your first choice then it’s better to reduce your expectations but it certainly does not mean you live an aimless life but expect as much as you’re capable of. If you look at the successful people you will notice a common factor in all of them, they never overburdened themselves with unachievable targets or dreamed that was out of this world. 

How to live happily?

The general rule of living a happy life is if you live with low expectations in your life you will end up cheerfully. All famous physiologists have a common opinion that our ambitions for a grand life never let us allow a peaceful sleep. We carry an extra load on our shoulders too far beyond our capacity, the unwanted thoughts of lose and gains never let us pass a day with peace of mind. The moment we realize this fact of satisfaction we reach to “Moksha” the state of perfection at that very moment.  

Actually most of those people who are not happy with their life have not realized value of their own potential. They simply fail to understand the nature of their work, surroundings and system they live in but either aim too high or do not realize their own abilities therefore carry extra load on their shoulders until they finally understand their own worth. And the ones who fail to do so live an unsatisfied life forever.


The famous daytime talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey learned this truth and started her show ‘Live your best life’. She not only motivated people to live a better life but taught them how to live a better life with providing them proper guidance for the same. She said the meaning of living a happy life is hidden behind a single truth, finding the aim of your life and thus living your life peacefully.  

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