forming supra-national organizations, inking treaties or deepening diplomatic ties are a few ways generally suggested to a global pacifist as the means of utter headway.On the contrary, mutual respect interlaced with proximal understanding into one , among the nations , lie at the heart of global peace and development as asserted by realised souls such as Sri Aurobindo.

Much like the acrimonious Cold - War spanning 46 years in the international history , the contemporary hegemony of the developed countries is an arrow pointed toward a global deadend.The human consciousness has been stabbed , not once but repeatedly, recounting the ensuing trails of death and overwhelming devourer on large - scale , after the unforgettable World- Wars , back in the 20th century.The joint vision of the  sovereign states is to inflict injury upon each other at the altar of misplaced idea of development which has put " humanity in a warfare against the self- interest pursuance".

This vision further blocks requisite rays of change to be spurred in the bid to guard supremacy of humanity. A conjunctive endeavour direly needs to come into play to uproot numerous evils deeply entrenched in the society such as inhumane practice of domestic violence having acquired social acceptance in a few countries , encroaches upon the idea of equality; the exasperated gap between havs and havs nots , a curse on mankind needs to be phased out or the malicious act of conversion of a few happy nations into a warzone so as to hinder its growth.

All the aforementioned evils are hand-raised affronts to global peace and security , would indeed open the pandora's box.The undercurrent of global peace and development is sailing with the oar of minimal humanity distinct from absolute humanity , the possiblity of which survives in an atmosphere where all commonly see themselves as a part of a bigger human society.Thus, an obligation rests on the shoulders of stronger to protect the weaker , enabling "humanity to be triumphant in this war".

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