Chess is a fantastic boardgame that can help both children and adults learn several lifeskills. In the West, Scholastic Chess has developed as a stream in itself where parents are encouraged to enroll children in chess classes. Scholastic chess focuses not as much on preparing chess professionals but helping kids learn the boardgame and develop lifeskills. Here are some benefits of learning chess with your kids:

1. Watching television is a big strain on the eyes and it takes away quality time from your family. With chess family bonding moves to a new level.

2. Educationists have proved that your child's maths and language scores improve if he plays chess.

3. Chess makes adults and kids solve their own problems in life. They don't wait for others to help as they are used to solving problems on their own on the chessboard.

4. Chess builds social skills as you interact with others while analysing your game after its over. During the game it builds a sense of discipline as you have to sit patiently and focus. Chess also teaches you responsibility as with the touch-and-move rule you learn to take responsibility for your actions because you have to move the piece you touch. It gives you the insight in life to think and then take a step.

5. Chess teaches you time management with an action orientation as you cannot just sit around for ages thinking of your move while your clock is ticking.

6. Chess teaches how to coordinate different assets, talents and people in your life like you coordinate the different pieces on the board by evaluating and appreciating the different powers of each piece and how it moves. You learn to harness various forces in your life for an optimum results.

7. You learn not to give up in chess - as in life -- when you lose a piece or there is a setback.

8. Chess helps you develop an analytical perspective.

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