The life of a young student in a crowed city is not very helpful to his or her physical development. It is necessary for him to take part in gymnastics, games, athletics and other physical sports. They help in developing a sound body and healthy living. The aim of these exercises is not to produce only excellent players, but to help the young in developing the body harmoniously and to enable them to face life bravely and wisely.

The child who takes part in games regularly will soon develop into a strong and energetic man. His vision will be more penetrating, his movements more swift and his gait more gracious. His body will toughen up due to the rigorous training ha has gone through.

The aim in participating in any game should not only be to win medals. Sports should not be considered as an end in self. It should be considered as more of a physical exercise to keep us healthy.


*Excessive sport

a) physical fatigue

b) the lowering of the power of the intellect

c) the growing of the mercenary spirit of making money out of sports

The main reason for participating in games is to imbibe certain good qualities that will help us in all the years to come.


*Develops team spirit or mutual co-operation

Playing games like cricket and basket ball helps develop team spirit in every player. No single player is important here. It is the co-operation and the effort of the entire team that makes it to glory. A player forgets his own individuality and plays for the team.


*Accept defeat graciously

A player who has been defeated will try harder next time. He will try to identify and correct his mistakes, a wonderful lesson to lead a good life.


Discipline and punctuality

A player, who wants to win, will be very punctual in his regular practice. He will know the value of time. He will try to perfect his game by regular practice.

Physical exercise is good but excess of it is bad. Children have surplus energy, which must be spent in sports. It is nature’s way of making them exercise their limbs their limbs so that they grow up physical fit.






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