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Asian games are the sports festival for Asian games countries on Olympic lines. India took the leading step to organize these games. The first Asian games were held at New Delhi in March, 1951. Since then Asian games are held after every 4 years. For the purpose of Asian games the Asian Athletic federation –AAF was formed in 1848. It met in February, 1949 and renamed itself as Asian games federation – AGF. It was Pandit Nehru who suggested the name Asian games which was promptly adopted.

The first Asian games were inaugurated by the first president of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad. About 490 participants from 11 nations participated in these games. Its motto is ``ever forward’’. The emblem of the games is in the form of a full rising sun with interlocking rings.


Commonwealth games

Commonwealth games, like Olympic Games, are held once in four years, but only in between the Olympic years. The first commonwealth games were held in 1930 at Hamilton, Canada.

Rev.JAstley Cooper can be called the founder of the commonwealth games. 1891 it germinated in his mind as a festival that would draw closer the ties and increase the goodwill and understanding of the British Empire. The British Empire games took a definite shape at Hamilton, Canada in 1930. In 1974 the title of the games was changed to the Commonwealth games, as it is known now.


The following is the list of venues of commonwealth games, years of their occurrence and the number of countries that participated.

Venue year no. of. Countries

  1. Hamilton , Canada 1930 11
  2. London, U.K. 1943 16
  3. Sydney, Australia 1938 15
  4. Auckland, new Zealand 1950 12
  5. Vancouver, Canada 1954 24
  6. Cardiff, U.K. 1958 35
  7. Perth, Australia 1962 35
  8. Jamaica, West indies 1966 34
  9. Edinburgh, U.K. 1970 42
  10. Christchurch, new Zealand 1974 38
  11. Edmonton, Canada 1078 48
  12. Brisbane, Australia 2982 47
  13. Brisbane, Australia 1982 47
  14. Auckland, new Zealand 1990 55
  15. Victoria, Canada 1994 64
  16. Kuala lumpur, Malaysia 1998 70


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