Chess is one of the interesting games which is emerged in Indian origin.  It is a rich game played right from children to old people without any age barriers. This game is played worldwide and it is liked by most of people. Usually as we consider this to be a rich game we can most of the people playing this game. Chess is considered to be a game which tests the abilities of the person because it is a brain game.  It is played on a square board with eight rows and eight columns.  The players are referred to as white and black and each player begins the game with sixteen pieces of specified colors. Chess game is all about placing, therefore moving the pieces in the right direction at right time is very important.
There is a remarkable as well as funny logic in this chess game which is, someone who always thinks and try hard to create problems to his opponent can be a successful player even though he/she has limited knowledge about the game. However on the other side if there is someone who waits for his opponent’s mistakes and makes the moves, then probable he/she might not have brighter chances to win this game. Therefore it is always important to look for your own benefit at every move. The reason why this game helps to increate IQ level is because, this game helps to develop new form of thinking and by doing this it becomes a sought of exercise which in turn helps to increase the intelligence. Chess game definitely helps to improve IQ level and also helps personally by consistently improving self esteem.  It is always important to keep your mind active; chess game will contribute to this activity. Chess is considered to be the original brain game. While playing chess, the most important things which you need to remember is-
1. Rules of chess
2. Chess basics
3. Chess tricks
4. How to checkmate.
Always remember the main object in the chess game is to checkmate your opponent’s king, this usually occurs when the king is attacked in such a way that they cannot escape capture in the next move. The white and black queens begin on their own colors accordingly which means white queen begins on white square and black queen begins on Black Square. Always the game begins with white moving first and then comes black which keeps taking turns until checkmate or till any of the player resigns.
Basically king can move in any directions. King has the right to capture an opponent‘s piece, if it is on one of those squares, assuming that the opponent is not defending this piece. The king will never be able to move to the square which the opponent controls, if the king does that probably king has to move into check. The Rook can basically move any numbers of squares in a straight line, vertical or horizontal, but it may not jump a piece of either color. The Bishop might move forward or backward but only in one direction. It can move any number of squares diagonally but it may not jump a white or a black piece. The queen combines the power of both rook and bishop, it can keep moving in one direction as long as there are pieces in its path. The knight always moves in the letter L direction so always remember L can be sideways, upside-down or backwards.  Knight can jump over other pieces. Pawn is a piece which moves differently from how it is captured. The values of pieces are different which starts from and ends at 9. Chess game gets very exciting almost when it comes to end. Everyone should try to learn the benefits of this game and improve their knowledge because CHESS GAME IS A FUN GAME


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