Indian Premier League ( IPL ) has been changed as the icon of T – 20 cricket matches. All the cricket lovers are eagerly waiting for IPL 3 edition. Due to the public election to Parliament last year’s IPL was in threat of postponement . But the clever chairman of  Indian Premier League Mr. Lalith Modi’s timely action cleared the anxiety of cricket fans all over the world. All the matches were conducted in South Africa where there is enough cricket lovers like India. Flying all the criticisms in wind that second edition of IPL also became a very huge success. From South African edition of Indian Premier League Lalith Modi and IPL organizers realized that this match will grab attention and popularity wherever be the venue. It is not necessary to conduct Indian Premier League in India!!! And after current edition , IPL 3 conducting in India Lalith Modi plans to conduct next IPL in USA !!! His argument behind that decision is that USA is the best market of advertisement at present world. So conducting  Indian Premier League in USA will cause the advertisements of Indian Companies and others to be noticed in USA also. Whatever may be it , the IPL 3 auction that took place  one week ago had resulted the beginning of a new controversy. The controversy aroused due to the non auction of Pakistan players by any of the IPL team. Many players like Pakistan’s T – 20 world cup winning captain Shahid Afridi , first IPL’s bowling hero Sohail Thanveer , Kamran Akmal , Umar Akmal , Abdul Razak , Muhammad Amir etc were there for auction. But due to suspicious hands of Pakistan behind Mumbai Terrorist attack none of the IPL team bid for Pakistan players. Really the Pak players also have great disappointment and are also annoyed. Indian Premier League is the tournament of endless money flow. Losing one season from such a championship will be a great loss in their life itself. So nothing special behind their angriness. It is human. The Pakistan T – 20 team captain Shahid Afridi response was “ India and Indian Premier League had fooled us and our country. We are the world champions in T – 20 matches. I had sympathy to Indian people. I am sure that  Indian people wished Pakistan players will play in Indian Premier League.” “This is a drama by Indian Government and Indian Premier League committee to mock Pakistan players . If the franchisees were not interested on Pakistan players why we were included in auction list ? ” This was the response of senior Pak all-rounder Abdul Razak.  Maiden IPL’s best bowler Sohail Thanveer also was very much irritated. He openly told that the decision is not based on cricket. It is a political drama that destroyed the face of Cricket. The consequence of the non auction is far reaching. The international relation between India and Pakistan became more worst again. Already the relation was not good. Pakistan based terrorist group’s Mumbai Terrorist attack pasted chilly on the wound. Now the non auction of players still added oil to fire. Pakistan accuses that their players had invited and insulted by India through IPL auction. It is just like calling from sleep and saying that you have no supper. As an immediate result of this insulting Pakistan had decided to  withdraw the proposed visit of their Parliamentary team to India. So the problem is moving to a very critical stage that might affect the relation between neighbours. But our honourable external affairs minister S M Krishna had  told that government had no role in Indian Premier League auction. The government activities and an activity controlled by private sector is to be discriminated. Government had no relation to Indian Premier League. All the activities including the auction of players were conducted by their own  team and under their own risk.Mr . S M Krishna added. But Pak government and media believes that this was an intentional play by Government of India and the Indian Premier League committee. “ The insulting of Pak players is a proof for the non interest of India to keep peace in the region ” , Pak home minister Mr. Rahman Malik accused. “ None of the parliamentary delegate team will be sent to India “ – Pak national assembly speaker Fahmida Mirsa declared. The main opposition party Pakistan Muslim League ( P M L – N) had declared that all official visit to India will be deserted by their party. The transmission of Indian Premier League matches may be banned in Pakistan. A move in that line is also going. But it will not create more problems because people wants to see good matches. This smoke will vanish soon after starting the matches. The cut outs of I P L office bearers were burned to fire in Pak streets. In a dramatic movement the Kolkata Knight Rider’s owner and Bollywood super star Sharuk Khan also came forward against non auction of Pak players. He told that Pak players also were to be taken into different teams. If decided not to bid by anyone , it may be done earlier itself. “ I was intended to take Mr. Abdul Razak into my team. I think media had reported the same before starting the bid. The team captain Sourav Ganguly also had the same idea. Pakistan had the world’s best T – 20 players. They are the world cup winners. After including them in auction and not taking any of them is really a mis deed. ” King Khan pointed. “ In first season of  Indian Premier League I had had five Pak players in my team. Then people told – ‘Apke pas bahuth sare Pakistani players hae’. Now Wasim Akram is with my team Kolkata Knight Riders. Please don’t mix sports with politics.” King khan opened his mouth . The burning issue of Telungana had made the IPL committee to change all the matches scheduled at Hyderabad to another venue. The Telungana issue will not end soon. So Hyderabad , one of the greatest city in India with a lot of cricket fans will lose all IPL  3 matches. Problem will not stop there. It may lose other games and even the venue of Commonwealth games. And now Shivsena’s turn came. They had threatened that no Australian players will be allowed to play in India due to the recent attacks on Indians in Australia. Also they had caught on Sharook Khan's declaration about taking Pak players in team and had threatened that his new film "My name is Khan" will not be allowed to release in Mumbai. Now between all these we spectators are worried about the smooth conducting of IPL 3 in India.Will India loss this years IPL also ? Wait and see.

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